The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has issued a warning to Liaoning Flying Leopards guard Guo Ailun for violating COVID-19 containment measures.

CBA revealed that on Sunday morning, Liaoning’s manager, players and Xinjiang Flying Tigers staff, all with green credentials, were permitted to see off Liaoning’s departing head coach Guo Shiqiang outside their hotel in Qingdao, one of two competition sites for the CBA’s resumption.

However, Guo and Xinjiang’s team doctor Jiang Hongjun didn’t wear masks during the period as required.

To safeguard all participants, the league has dispatched credentials of different colors to different groups. Players, coaches and referees are offered green credentials, while yellow and blue credentials are provided to reporters and staff in the arena respectively. People in the green area cannot conduct any close contact with those having credentials in other colors.

The league has issued a warning to Guo and Jiang for their breach of anti-virus regulations, adding that any further violations could lead to a one-match suspension and even disqualification.

The CBA also calls on all participants and staff to strictly abide by relevant COVID-19 containment measures, and make their own contributions so that the resumed league can operate smoothly.

Guo, a member of China’s national team, averaged 20.0 points, 3.6 rebounds and 4.7 assists in 26 matches this season. 

Although Joseph Young scored a fantastic 60 points, his Nanjing Monkey Kings still lost to Liaoning Flying Leopards 120-107 in the 2019-20 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league here on Tuesday.

This was the second straight victory for Liaoning after the club replaced its coach.

Liaoning launched an 8-0 run and expanded the difference to over 10 points in the middle of the first quarter. Young started to pick up points and helped Nanjing narrow the gap to five points.

After two three-pointers from Cong Mingchen and Zhao Jiwei, Liaoning enlarged the deficit to 11 points before the first half ended.

Nanjing tried hard to come back into the game in the next two quarters, only to see Flying Leopards‘ shooters make straight baskets beyond the arc to maintain their advantage.

After a three-pointer from Liu Zhixuan, Liaoning sealed the victory.

Guo Ailun scored a team-high 31 points and nine rebounds, O.J. Mayo had 30 points and center Han Dejun contributed 19 points and 15 rebounds.

Besides Young’s 60 points, Hamed Haddadi grabbed 19 points and 18 rebounds, and He Jinjia finished with 10 points.

„Although Joseph Young scored 60 points, we managed to keep the other players from scoring. Our players did a great job,“ said Alejandro Martinez, assistant coach of Liaoning.

„Liaoning is a powerhouse of the league, and there is a big gap between Nanjing and Liaoning. We always fell behind tonight, but our players tried hard to come back. They did their best,“ said Cui Wanjun, coach of Nanjing.


Both Stephon Marbury and his Beijing Royal Fighters are very eager for the possible start of the 2019-2020 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season.

„Now!“ said coach Marbury about when he would prefer the league season to start.

The CBA was reported to have mapped out several different plans for restarting the season, and Marbury has worked hard to keep his team ready for all of them.

„The current situation is getting better and better, and we all are looking forward to being able to play again,“ said the guard who spent almost a decade working in China as a player and coach as well.

„The sooner, the better,“ said Royal Fighters center Wang Shaojie. „It’s difficult to keep fit for a long time.“

„The most important thing for us is to make the best of our time and get ready,“ said veteran guard Sun Yue.

„We try not to think too much about things we can’t change.“

The Royal Fighters are ranked eighth in the 20-team league after 30 games.