News on August 17 According to multiple media reports,The Dutch coach Koeman has replaced Pochettino as the first choice for the Barcelona coach.And Koeman himself is willing to leave the Dutch team,If Barcelona can give a satisfactory invitation.

According to Searle Radio,The possibility of Pochettino taking over in the past day is gradually decreasing,Because Barcelona has always been unable to accept a person with a deep Spanish brand to coach.

Koman’s voice is getting louder and louder.Bartomeu will speak with Koman on Sunday evening, Spanish time,Koman is interested in taking over,But you need to hear whether Bartomeu’s plan fits his ideas.

And the „World Sports“ said,The important reason why Barcelona is optimistic about Koman is that he has carried out large-scale cleaning in Valencia.As a team star,Is also a well-qualified marshal,They believe that Koeman has the ability to bring innovation to the locker room.

News on August 16 Leipzig coach Nagelsmann revealed,Before the halftime of his game against Atletico,Something unpleasant happened with Simeone.

Nagelsman said:“I haven’t seen Simeone before the game,Then I wanted to say hello to him during the intermission,He didn’t let me stand there waiting for him like a little boy,In fact, it’s fine like this But some other things happened,to be frank,Makes me a little sad.”

Did Simeone curse?Nagelsman said:“No,He did not offend me,But he did something else,originally,I am looking forward to meeting him,Because he is a world-class coach,So this is why I felt a little disappointed after the game.”