News on August 12 Yesterday, Villarreal’s new aid Kenhide Kubo participated in the club’s press conference for him.First of all,Fernando Rozi, Chairman of Villarreal, also expressed his welcome to Kubo Kenei.

“good morning everyone,Thanks for being here,We are here to bring you our new players,Kubo Kenhide,A 19-year-old young player,Loaned from Real Madrid,Is a representative of Japan,He played for Mallorca on loan last season,He is only 19 years old,But he has already played in the Japanese and Spanish leagues.We hope he can succeed here,And make progress,Welcome to Villarreal,Everyone can achieve the goals in our plan.

“Subsequently,Kenhide Kubo was interviewed by Spanish and Japanese reporters:“First of all I am very happy to join such an excellent team,how to say,I just went to see the stadium before,Although I played here last season,I think the stadium is great,The Sports City is also great,I hope to help the team,And succeed here,Not only me,Also from the team level.“

2022 is the World Cup,What are your expectations for your choice and future participation in the World Cup?And what is your impression of Villarreal?

Now I hope to be able to perform well here,I’ll talk about the following things later.As for the impression,In the previous game against Villarreal,It’s really not easy,Because the players here like to control the ball very much,The rhythm is hard to keep up.I think after joining,This will certainly be true in the future.

Why choose Villarreal?What advantages does Villarreal have over other clubs?

Choose Villarreal because it is the best choice,This is also my family,The unanimous choice of my agent and myself,So I also want to prove to everyone,This is indeed the best choice.

Have you talked with Emery?Have you discussed your position?

Actually,I am willing to play any position,As long as it’s not a defender or goalkeeper,After coming today, I talked with the coach and some teammates,But we need to continue to communicate in depth next.

I believe that from Mallorca to Villarreal,The span of this is still very large,And from a relegation team to a European team,What do you think will change?

I hope to play an excellent season,No matter from the individual or the club level,I hope my performance can contribute to a team like Villarreal.Any team has competition,But in the final analysis,Football is a team sport,Everyone needs to help each other.

Came to Spain from a country like Japan,With a lot of expectations,How do you deal with such pressure?

I am actually used to it,And I have been playing for many years,I know these things very well.I think it’s better to leave everything to the game,I don’t care what is said outside.

Playing for Villarreal this season,Your goal next season is to return to Real Madrid?

How to say this,I do think so,But now I only focus on Villarreal,Just like last year only focused on Mallorca,I hope to serve the team well.