News on August 12 In an interview with Barcelona TV,Griezmann stated:“Bayern is not only Lewand,The other players are also very good,But we have all the conditions for promotion,We should focus on ourselves.“


“We are very much looking forward to,We have done a good job in tactical training,We are ready to face this game.“

“We know this will be a very difficult game,But we have all the conditions to qualify for the semi-finals.This will be a very wonderful game.“

“I hope we can have a good day,Hope we can make good use of the strength the team has.We are now in a good state,We can play a wonderful game.”

“We must be united,Both offense and defense need unity,And control the ball as much as possible.”


“Bayern are playing very well now,They have very good forwards in the frontcourt,But we have the conditions to kick out the promotion performance.We have to focus on ourselves and try our best to advance.”

“Bayern is a very tough team,And used to control the ball.We have to make trouble for them and play our own tactics.”

“Bayern is all the players are outstanding,Not only Lewand,Their full-backs often plug in,Muller and Gnabry are also in excellent condition…Lewand has scored a lot of goals because Bayern can create a threat from anywhere.”

Has your luggage been packed?

“Yes,I have prepared my luggage until August 23,I even brought a game console.”

Is it boring to stay with teammates?

“Staying with your teammates to share experience and life,It is also good to chat with them.”

Which event will you compare this final stage of the Champions League with?

“It might be like a World Cup or European Cup,We are still three games away from winning,Everyone needs to be united in good and bad times.”

Do you all know that you are only three games away from winning?

“Everyone is very clear,We only have a few games left.The first is Friday’s game,This will be a very difficult game,But we have the conditions for a successful promotion.”

You faced Bayern in the 2016 Champions League semi-finals

“It was a very beautiful duel,The first is in Calderon,After that is their home court.We finally advanced to the final.I broke Neuer’s gate in both Atletico Madrid and the French national team,But every game is different.”

Did you talk to Bayern’s French players?

“Have,I talked to Lucas a few days ago,That is to understand how he is and other things.”

Did they tell you about their concerns about Messi?

“I am sure they are following Messi, Suarez or De Jong.But we are a team.”

This is the most important game of your Barcelona career so far?

“All games in Barcelona are the same,Whether it is the league, the Champions League or the Copa del Rey.All the games must be won here.”

Which teams do you think are most likely to win the Champions League?

“Bayern, Atletico and Manchester City are the toughest opponents.A single round of Atletico Madrid is extremely threatening.”

Personal feelings

“Physically, I feel exhausted from the hot weather and the accumulation of multiple games,But the strangest feeling is playing without the support of fans and them.”

“We saw their information on social networks,This helped us in difficult times.”

“Personally,A few days of rest after the league is very helpful for me to recover and face Naples.”

“I couldn’t find the rhythm in the first few minutes of the battle between Barcelona and Naples.But slowly I feel better.At that time, it was obvious that the team was eager to play a wonderful game.We are in good shape now.”