News on August 13 In an interview with „National Daily“,Barcelona star and Alsad coach Harvey said:“I don’t think it’s time to return to Barcelona,There is outside noise now,There are issues outside of competition.I hope to build a team with people I trust and have connections with.”

Is it still not the time to return to Barcelona?

“There is outside noise now,Have problems outside of competition…I don’t think now is the time to return.I told them in January that it was not the time yet,They did not contact me now.As a Barcelona fan,I wish Barcelona all the best,I respect Setien very much,His tactical philosophy is very similar to the tactical philosophy that Barcelona needs.That is Cruyff’s football philosophy,Whether the team’s record can be equally good is another matter.I am now happy to continue to accumulate experience,Continue to challenge yourself,To me,To coach Barcelona someday,Together with the dream team,Together with Cruyff Jr., Puyol and now some players,This is of course my pleasure.I hope to be able to form a team with people who are competent, who know Barcelona, who I trust, and who have contacts with me.”

What do you think about Messi’s contract?Renegotiation every year?

“This is what he won,Automatic terms.Messi needs Barcelona,Barcelona also needs Messi,They have to make Messi happy,Because Messi can win more championships if they are happy.I have a very good relationship with him,I respect him very much.He is a fighting beast,Always eager to win,He has been the best player in the world since 10 years ago.I hope we can regain professional standards,Having the best player in history for your team means having the ace to win the championship.”

Have you never compared yourself to him?

“Messi is better than me,There is no doubt,There is no room for discussion.He did Pele, Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldo…The performance of others,And within 15 years,Continue to do it in this day and age.His body, technique, tactics, etc. are all at a very high level,And he is still the best man in every game.”

What do you think of Atletico coach Simeone?Their team is one of the best performing teams after the rematch

“Simeone is doing a very difficult thing: to transmit an idea to his players,Although this concept is very different from that of Barcelona and myself,But the two ideas have the same value.So he is the longest coach in the La Liga team in recent years.A coach is a salesperson who sells his ideas to the players,Coaches who can persuade players can get good results.”

Guardiola’s Barcelona has eliminated football as a sport for men.Obliterated is the concept of strong men fighting on the court…But there is still a lot of male chauvinism in the football world?

“There is still male chauvinism in the football world,Yes,This is also a point that reflects society.But you have to pay attention,Football is the only sport and job where employees are abused.Both the players and the coaches suffered insults.I think we should stop these things.This is unacceptable,For example, insulting a waiter at work…We cannot accept racism, machismo, any form of violence,We must stop these actions by automatically stopping the game.The referee should be the first to come out and say:‘The game is no longer playing,Because there are no conditions to play…’People.”

No competition during the epidemic makes people feel very lonely

“I felt very boring at the time,Because what makes me passionate is football.This is a very powerful relationship,But I got more time to stay with my children.We stay together 24 hours,We adapt very well,I always value everything I have,This is even more so now.I am very lucky,What I do is my favorite thing,My condition is very good,But I also know that money is not that important.We have to look at it relatively,Because we never know what we will encounter in the future.”

How big is the impact of empty games?

“Of course the impact is great,In addition to the game between Villarreal and Barcelona,We did not see a wonderful football game,The other games are not unforgettable games.Even the Bundesliga matches look like friendly matches,Not excited at all.An empty stadium will not pass anything to the players.After all, it is people who convey and promote passion.”