News on August 11 Former Real Madrid coach Rusenberg, who just led Palmeiras to defeat Corinthians on a penalty kick in the S?o Paulo League final,In response to Figo’s previous criticism of him,Said that he would not have resentment towards the Portuguese,He also emphasized that he did not force Figo to leave Real Madrid.

The cause of the matter is,After Russenberg led the team to win the championship,Brazilian celebrity Rivaldo gave Rusenberg’s praises,Wrote on social media:“Palmeiras,Congratulations on winning the trophy you deserve.I have played with many excellent coaches,But Mr. Rosenborg, you are the best one.What many European coaches do now,You did it 25 years ago.”And the former Real Madrid star,Figo, the PortugueseI also quickly responded to this post,Means:“He is the most trash to me,Very rubbish.

Rosenberg responded later,Said that he agrees more with Rivaldo’s views.Also speculate,The reason why the Portuguese belittle him so much,It’s because he thinks that the Brazilian coach drove him away from Real Madrid.He was aggrieved by this.“Figo left the club at the right point in time,This is the club’s decision,none of my business”,The Brazilian said,“He didn’t understand,This is part of professional football: a transfer from one club to another,The laws of nature.”The Brazilian also said,I will not hate Figo because of these words,Because he has the right to express his views.And he emphasized,Figo is a high-level former star,His views deserve respect,Although he himself agrees more with Rivaldo.

Rosenborg took charge of Real Madrid in 2005,As a result, the get out of class ended before the end of the year.And in summer,The first hot potato he dealt with was Figo’s departure.The Portuguese left Real Madrid at the time,Switched to Inter Milan.