News on August 9 Barcelona striker Suarez was interviewed by Movistar+ after the match against Naples.

Now Barcelona is in the quarter-finals,Going to Portugal:

Yes,This is our goal,Our goal after the league ended two weeks ago is this game,Because we know that facing opponents like Naples,They created huge difficulties for us in the first round,Today is also very difficult at certain moments,But now we are advanced.Then you can have a good rest,And ready for the next game.

Barcelona played more difficult in the opening game.But Langley’s goal made everything more relaxed:

We all know the strength of Naples,They scored a lot in Serie A,At this time, it would be very troublesome to let them get the ball first.But in the end Langley completed the goal first.If Naples scores an away goal,Then the situation will be tricky,But we use high efficiency,In the end, the victory was secured in the first half smoothly.

Barcelona scored three goals early in the first half today,Is this the best first half played by Barcelona this season?

In the first half, we gradually established our advantage over time,We have created a lot of opportunities,Including penalties created by Messi,The 3-1 score also reduced the opponent’s chances of counterattack.Of course we are very clear,The opponent will definitely fight back,And the second half will definitely attack with full force.

How about the second half?What do you think is the Barcelona problem?

We know that the opponent will definitely push forward,Will definitely give us very little opportunity and space,But we should still be satisfied with the performance in the first half.‘

last question,Face Bayern in the next round,What do you think of such an opponent in the best form after the rematch?

Eliminating everything in a single game is possible,Everyone has a 50% chance,Bayern is a strong opponent,They are the favorites in the Champions League,But any quarter-final team is popular.But the game is 11 vs. 11,We believe that Barcelona is getting better and better,We have a chance.