News on August 5 Roma striker and former Barcelona player Carles Perez recently received an interview,Responded to the fact that he was sold by Barcelona,He said he left Barcelona is not the result he should get.

Carles Perez said:“For me,I was surprised that Barcelona decided to give up me,Because I think it’s not what I deserve.”

“Since I was still playing in the Barcelona youth training system,I always receive invitations from many clubs,Among them are some clubs from England.”

“After I entered the Barcelona B team,I have also received invitations from other La Liga teams,But all were rejected by me,Because all the time,I always aim to enter the Barcelona first team,Keep pushing yourself,Work hard and fight for it.Then I ushered in my own opportunity,I think I have tried my best to seize all the opportunities that I can seize,He even won a professional contract with the Barcelona first team.”

The talented 22-year-old Spanish winger obviously didn’t think he was sold for 11 million euros because of the outstanding performance of Anzu Fati.He felt that his being sold had nothing to do with Fati.

 “I never thought I was sold,It is related to the birth of Fati.Because I am a right winger,And Fati is a left winger.And no matter how you count,Dembele and Messi are also in the same position as me.It has nothing to do with Fati.So in this case,Except in any case,Do your best to seize the slightest opportunity,We have nothing to discuss.And I always thought,Fati is a very good player,He has the ability to make a breakthrough in world football.”

Perez also said,In addition to competitive factors,There must be other reasons for being sold to Rome by Barcelona. “until today,I still can’t understand what happened to me.It may be because Barcelona is really short of money,It may also be because of some reasons I don’t know yet.But it doesn’t matter,Because everything is in the past tense.”

Although Perez could not accept this cruel reality when he first joined Rome,But just a few months later,Perez’s thinking has changed.

“Now I don’t want to dwell on this matter anymore,Because it doesn’t make any sense,Think about it now,Really like this,Because this has been a matter of the epidemic for several months.Now I am playing for Rome,Roma is one of the best teams in Italy.At certain moments,I might indeed be lost in thought,Because it feels really bad to leave Barcelona and away from my family and friends.And after leaving Barcelona,Among all the people closest to me,I only met with my parents.”

At last,Carles Perez talked about La Masia.

“Many people think thatThe players produced by La Masia will no longer work after they leave Barcelona.They lost their aura.But I don’t think so,Because players outside of Barcelona can get a lot of opportunities.For example, I feel very good in Rome now,Through the efforts of,I am seeking to win my own position in the team,Break out of your own world.”

then,Perez talked about his attention to Barcelona.Perez revealed that he has not watched the Barcelona game recently

“Honestly,Really do not have,I haven’t watched Barcelona’s games for so long.I just watched the first leg of the UEFA Champions League match between Barcelona and Naples.”

After Carles Perez joined Rome,Loved by Roman fans,He is also very good in training and competition,This is his first season after landing in Serie A,But he still played in 14 games,Scored 1 goal and 3 assists.

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