News on August 8 Early this Sunday morning, Beijing time,Barcelona will face Naples on the main scene.Before the game,Former Barcelona player Edelmison was also interviewed.

For this campaign,He said:“This game was played after a long time,Both teams have a chance,And no fans,I believe Naples can go and break their wrists with Barcelona.”

“Gattuso’s team must continue to play as before,Don’t be afraid of Barcelona.but,After the epidemic,Although the league is full of difficulties, they are still Barcelona.Especially their home games,They are always more favored.”

“however,Barcelona is experiencing a low point,Now Messi is playing almost alone,He carried the entire team on his shoulders.and,They also changed coaches halfway through the season.”

News on August 6 Real Madrid’s German midfielder Kroos has worked with Zidane, Guardiola, Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Love and other famous coaches in his career.But to talk about the coach who has the greatest influence on him personally,That also belongs to Heynckes.

Cross said:“The coach who influenced me the most was Heynckes,He is the coach I have been with the longest,He helped me take the first step of my career in Leverkusen,And then helped me finally gain a foothold in Bayern,He helped me become a top player.”

Cross said:“Of course,I have also met some other top coaches,It was a wonderful year with Guardiola,He helped me a lot,The years with Zidane have been my most successful period.But if I can only choose one,That’s Heynckes.”