News on August 1 recently,Valencia player Ferran Torres, who is closely linked to Manchester City, accepted an interview with the BBC.The BBC believes that Ferran Torres joining Manchester City will soon be officially announced.Although this young Spanish player has been favored by many European giants before.

When asked if you are in a new language,Ferran Torres replied:“of course,I must always learn new languages,Because you never know where your next stop will be.English is very important to me,English is an indispensable language no matter where in the world.”

Subsequently,Ferran Torres recalled the things about Valencia in his childhood,He said:“I grew up here,All my friends are here,It makes me feel that this is my home.”

When he recalled his first time wearing a Valencia jersey,He said:“I remember the first time I wore a Valencia jersey,I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and felt a little dazed.Staring blankly at himself in the mirror.I was only wearing a jersey and underwear at the time,Then my eyes never left the Valencia jersey on me,Then I said to myself:‘What are you doing here?how did you do it?That was indeed a special moment for me.”

“all in all,It was Valencia who nurtured me,They give me everything now.”

But now,With more and more rumors about his upcoming transfer to Manchester City,It seemed that he was about to leave Valencia.In this regard,Ferran Torres said:“As a professional player,I think I need to have some ambitions,For any player,Everyone is eager for continuous victory.I hope I can accept greater challenges,To play a bigger platform,Feel different environments,Now I think I am fully prepared for this.”

“Deep in my heart,I always imply that I am the best,I want to be the best player,I will also try to be the best person,If you don’t believe that you can be the most prominent person,Who else can you count on to believe that you are the best person?”

In fact,When Ferran Torres was a child,His talent is obvious,Especially his excellent technique and extraordinary speed,Just like Ronaldo and Messi,Ferran Torres spent most of his childhood playing at a higher age.Almost all his teammates are at least two years older than him.

In this regard,Ferran Torres said:“Thinking of it now,I did feel some pain at the time,Because the physical difference between me and them is so big,Their bodies are very strong,They were already well developed,And I look very young,I wanted to leave at that time.It was too difficult for me to play with a group of 17 or 18 year olds when I was 14 or 15 years old.Where is it difficult for me to show my true level,I also have a hard time winning,This is maddening.”

Later, in 2017, when Ferran Torres represented Spain in the U17 World Cup, he learned that he was selected for the first team of Valencia.In December of that year, he made his first team debut in the team’s game against Evar.Became the first post-00 player to play in La Liga.

It is worth mentioning that,Ferran Torres’s advantage lies in his amazing speed, excellent small-range possession and elusive offensive thinking.He is a typical modern winger,People often compare him with Ronaldo,The player himself also regards Ronaldo as his goal.He added:“I regard Ronaldo as my role model not only because of his outstanding performance on the court,More because of his self-discipline on the court.He is a player worthy of admiration,Of course I am also very happy to follow in his footsteps.”

“Nowadays I make some actions or reactions on the court not out of deliberate but out of instinct.In many moments, I did not deliberately think about what I would do next,But when that moment came, I reacted naturally.”

Ferran Torres off the court is also loved by fans.In response, he said:“For many fans,You are their benchmark,They will come to you for a photo,They are also worthy of respect,So I will spend some time to interact with the fans as necessary.”

Today Ferran Torres has bought a house in Valencia,But he still chose to live with his father in the small town of his hometown.Now he recalls his grandfather’s education to himself in his childhood,He realized that this was another part of his education.

He added:“Any elder’s teaching to us is a detail that cannot be ignored in the growth process of a person.Although this has nothing to do with our playing football,But this at least helps us to be human.”

“I now have four very important friends,I almost do everything with them,We have always maintained close contact.”

“They will tell me when I have not done well enoughWhen I perform well,They will congratulate me.But in my opinion they will wake me up when I do something wrong,This makes me very grateful.”

In addition,There are two puppies in Ferran Torres‘ home,One is 11-year-old Minnie,One is 12-year-old Lluna,For two puppies,Ferran Torres said that this is all about him,He added:“For me and my sister,Minnie and Lluna are everything to us,I can’t live without them,They spent a lot with us.”

“My sister is my close friend,When I am with her, I can open my heart and talk to her,She has experienced many difficult times like me,But she persisted,Now she also has her own business,Got a master’s degree as he wished,I feel very happy to get along with her,Very comfortable.When I encounter any problems, I will seek her help and advice,We all have the same tattoo on our feet——Tattooed‘Refuse to fall’,We have all experienced difficult times in life,But we all survived and continue to walk on the road to a better future.”

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