News on August 2 The FA Cup final that ended before,Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1,After the game,Danny Murphy, a former Liverpool midfielder and now a football commentator, published an article in a column in the „Daily Mail“,Murphy talked about Arteta and Ceballos in the column.Murphy said,Ceballos performed very well this season,Is one of the key players in the Arsenal team,Murphy thinks,Arsenal should try their best to keep Ceballos.

Murphy also talked about Lampard and Arteta,He thinks Lampard and Arteta have done a great job this season,Therefore Lampard and Arteta deserve the admiration of the outside world,At last,Murphy talked about Real Madrid star Bell,Murphy believes that for Bell,Continue to sit on the bench at Real Madrid is not the best choice.

Murphy mentioned:“Aubameyang is the best player in the FA Cup final.I can understand,But from my perspective,Ceballos was the best player in the game.”

“Currently,Aubameyang has not yet decided on his future at Arsenal,The outside world is paying attention to this issue,I think Ceballos is another outstanding player in the Arsenal team.”

“Under Arteta’s hand,Ceballos has made great progress,Ceballos is also very crucial for Arsenal.”

“Ceballos has performed even better since the rematch,He gradually adapted to the intensity and rhythm of the Premier League,Ceballos has fully integrated into Arsenal.”

“I think Ceballos did a great job,Ceballos can control the ball when his opponent is pressing.”

“obviously,Ceballos was able to complete the task assigned to him by Arteta,Ceballos can also participate in the defense,Ceballos has performed better than Xhaka this season.”

“I think the best thing about Ceballos is that he is always looking for opportunities to pass forward.Ceballos has a strong passing ability,He can pass through the opponent’s defense.”

“Ceballos can accurately find his teammates,He has delivered many good shots to Aubameyang this season.Many of Aubameyang’s goals are either direct or indirect assists from Ceballos.”

Said that Ceballos is a defensive player with the 10th position and said that Ceballos performed well on both offensive and defensive ends

“I think Ceballos is a 10th player with excellent defensive ability.In the FA Cup final against Chelsea,Ceballos performed quite well,Whether on the offensive end or on the defensive end,Ceballos did well.”

“Arsenal have performed very well this season.They won the FA Cup,This summer is very important for Arsenal,Arsenal need to make a better signing operation in the transfer market this summer.”

“I think Arsenal need to bring in 2-3 top players,After introducing 2-3 top players,Arsenal will be able to become competitive again.”

“There are many outstanding young players in the Arsenal team.Such as Saka and Nkadia,And I think Arsenal should try their best to keep Ceballos and Aubameyang.”

“If Ceballos and Aubameyang leave the club,Arsenal will face great difficulties,Arsenal will be struggling,Arsenal will not be able to participate in the Champions League next season.So Arsenal cannot attract the top players to join.”

“at the same time,Arsenal does not seem to have enough money to recruit top players.Arsenal’s transfer budget is very limited.In recent years,Arsenal hardly have much funding for signings,We all know this.”

Said that Arsenal should do their best to keep Ceballos and Aubameyang and said that Ceballos‘ £35 million buyout fee is not expensive

“So I think Arsenal should try their best to keep Ceballos and Aubameyang,There are reports that Ceballos‘ buyout fee is 35 million pounds.”

“It is reported that Real Madrid does not want to continue lending Ceballos to Arsenal.Real Madrid hopes Arsenal can buy out Ceballos,I think the buyout fee of 35 million pounds is very reasonable.The price is not expensive.”

“I think Arsenal should buy out Ceballos,The price of 35 million pounds is not very expensive,If Arsenal left Ceballos and Aubameyang,They can leave a large sum of money afterwards.”

“I think this FA Cup final is very exciting,Arsenal’s counterattack was very sharp.I think Arteta did a great job,Because he united Arsenal.”

“In the case of backwardness,Arsenal still behaved very positively,Arsenal did not give up,They are still working hard,So Arsenal can reverse Chelsea,Won the FA Cup.”

“Chelsea performed very well in the opening stage,Mount and Pulisic both performed very well at the beginning of the game.But after 20 minutes of the game,Arsenal are the better performers.”

“Both Aspilicueta and Pulisic suffered injuries,I don’t think Kovacic should get a red card.The referee made a wrong judgment.”

“But Arsenal deserves this victory,Aubameyang did a great job,As for Chelsea,Although they lost the FA Cup championship,But Chelsea have performed very well this season.”

“When Chelsea looks back on this season,They can proudly say that they have achieved fourth place in the Premier League,I think for Chelsea,It is a great achievement to finish the season with a fourth-place finish in the Premier League.”

Said that Arsenal’s FA Cup final against Chelsea was very exciting and said that Lampard and Arteta have done a great job this season

“Chelsea performed very well,They did a great job,But Chelsea’s defense has always been problematic this season.In the FA Cup final against Arsenal,Chelsea’s defense has problems again.”

“Arteta seems to have been commanding Niles during the game.Arteta has been calling:‘Aisley, Aisley.’,I think Niles performed very well in this game.”

“Whether on the offensive or defensive end,Niles did a great job.Lampard is also directing his own players,But Arteta is the winner,I think Arteta has been doing very well after taking over Arsenal.”

“Arteta also needs to sign a central defender for Arsenal.A midfielder,Only in this way,Arsenal can continue to make progress.”

“Just like Klopp did to Liverpool,After introducing Alisson and Van Dijk,Liverpool has made a big improvement.”

“Lampard still needs to wait now,After taking over Chelsea,Lampard has not been able to lead the team to win any championships,And Chelsea should not be discouraged,Because Chelsea had previously signed Werner and Ziyesh.”

“Both Arteta and Lampard deserve the greatest appreciation,I think Arteta and Lampard have done a great job this season,They presented a wonderful FA Cup final for the fans.”

“Except for the brief calm in the second half,The rest of the FA Cup final is very exciting,Arsenal is the better team,So Arsenal won the FA Cup trophy.”

Indicates that Bell is in a bad situation with Real Madrid and that Real Madrid should give Bell more playing time

“I think Zidane should let Bell play in the Champions League 1/8 final against Manchester City.Real Madrid lost 1-2 to Manchester City in the first leg.”

“And I think the striker combination of Bell, Benzema and Hazard has a chance to help Real Madrid complete the reversal.”

“We don’t know if Bell will be able to get a chance to play afterwards.The relationship between him and Zidane had problems long ago.”

“Zidane hopes that Bell can leave the club,Starting in January this year,Bell never played a full game,This season,Bell also played only a dozen games for Real Madrid in La Liga.”

“The contract between Bell and Real Madrid will expire in two years.His current weekly salary is 350,000 pounds,I can understand what Bell is thinking now.”

“I was also a professional player,I hope Bell can make the right decision,I don’t want Bell to regret his career after retirement.”

“In the past four years,Bell gradually became a marginal figure of Real Madrid,I think Zidane no longer values Bell anymore.”

“Bell is no longer young now,He is 31 years old,If Bell sits on the bench at Real Madrid for two more years,That is no good for him.”

“I also know thatEveryone’s thinking is different,I don’t know what’s right,What is wrong.”

“But from my perspective,Professional players should play the game,And I don’t know what Bell thinks.”

“Bell wants to get his own salary,This is also normal,Bell has also performed well in Real Madrid before.Bell has scored many key goals for Real Madrid,For example, a goal in the Champions League final.”

“Therefore, Real Madrid previously gave Bell a long-term and high-value contract.If it were not for the conflict with Zidane,I think Bell may enjoy life in Madrid and would like to continue playing for Real Madrid.”

Said that Bell should consider leaving Real Madrid to seek enough playing time and said that it makes no sense for Bell to remain on the bench in Real Madrid

“And I don’t think it is necessary for Bell to continue wasting time in Real Madrid.If Bell is still passionate about football,He should seek more playing time.”

“Bell will make a decision later,If he really decides to stay at Real Madrid,And spent the remaining two years on the bench,I will be very surprised.”

“Bell might like Madrid’s climate,Bell also likes golf,But if he continues to stay on the bench at Real Madrid,I will be surprised.”

“I think the best solution now is for Bell to leave Real Madrid.Join another club,Then Real Madrid and Bell’s new club bear Bell’s salary together.”

“Although Bell suffered from injuries before,But I think Bell is still a very good player.We all want to see Bell at its best.”

“As for Zidane,Real Madrid has won the La Liga championship this season.We don’t know what Zidane’s current view of Bell is.”

“What I want to say is,As long as Bell trains hard,Keep in good shape,Bell still has the ability to gain a foothold in most clubs.”

“I think it’s a good choice for Bale to return to Tottenham.Bell did very well at Tottenham back then,Bell was a very humble player when he was at Tottenham.Bell was a very hard-working young player.”

“I hope Bell can make the right choice,I hope he will not regret his own decision in the future,People want to watch Bell play football now,But Bell now seems content to sit on the bench for Real Madrid.”

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