News on August 2 The chairman of Naples, De Laurentiis, said in an interview with La Roma Sport,Recently, I had lunch with Atletico Madrid CEO Hill Marin.But did not disclose more details.

Although the German guy said that his meeting with Hill-Marin was limited to personal relationships,But this also triggered speculation in the media in Italy and Spain.Linked to potential transfer transactions.

According to previous reports,Atletico Madrid have shown great interest in both Milic and Alan in the Naples team; Gattuso’s team has paid attention to Diego Costa, Arias and Fossarico.

News on July 31 In the early hours of this morning,Pellegrini’s agent Jesús Martínez accepted an interview with Spanish Radio Six,For the contract from the Chinese Super League Qingdao Huanghai,He denied it.

“Pellegrini did not intend to leave Betis,This news surprised me,I haven’t received any invitation from China for the time being here.of course,With or without invitation,Played for Betis,Someone will always want to invite you to coach.But for Manuel himself,Now the best in the world for him is Betis.”

“Manuel and I worked for 25 years,In my cognition,He has always been a dedicated person,It’s good in West Ham United,Good at Real Madrid,Wherever they are conscientious to fulfill their contracts.”