News on August 27 After confirmation by many media such as „Marca“, „Aspen“ and Brazil Global Sports,Atletico Madrid is close to reaching an agreement with the French Ligue 1 club Monaco,Sold Brazilian teenager Caio Enrique for 8 million euros with a floating clause of 2 million euros.Currently,The Brazilian U23 international is waiting for a medical examination in Monaco.If all goes well,He will sign with Kovac’s team for five years.

In 2016,Atletico Madrid paid a transfer fee of 600,000 euros to sign the 18-year-old Kaio Enrique from the Brazilian giants Santos.Then this one who can be competent at left back and midfielder“All-rounder”After playing for Atletico Madrid B, Atletico Parana, Fluminense and Gremio,In the 2016/17 season of the Copa del Rey, he completed the first team official debut of the Sheet Army.In 2019,Kaio-Enrique got plenty of playing time in Fluminense, the strongest team in Brazil.Grow rapidly,Successfully selected for the Brazilian Olympic team with outstanding performance,And as the main force to help the team in the South American Olympic preliminaries,Successfully got the tickets for the Tokyo Olympics.


In late May this year,Atletico Madrid decided to recall Kaio Enrique, who was renting out, in advance.Originally, his lease agreement with Gremio will last until the end of the year.But because of the registration system of La Liga and the Champions League,He missed the game wearing a red and white shirt in the 2019/20 season.So he did not return to the team to join the joint training.

„Aspen“ pointed out,Due to the adverse effects of the new crown epidemic,Atletico Madrid’s financial situation is not ideal,If they want to strengthen the lineup,Had to sell the players first to get the money back,Caio’s departure will bring about 10 million euros in revenue.on the other hand,Monaco has provided more favorable contract treatment,And will give him more playing time.Comprehensive factors at all levels,Contributed to the conclusion of this transfer transaction.According to Kaio’s original contract with Atletico Madrid,He will stay in the team until 2023,The value of the liquidated damage clause stipulated in it reached 30 million euros.

In addition,Recently, Sevilla, Ligue 1 Marseille, and Premier League Everton have been keeping an eye on Caio.The agency team including the brokerage giant Mendes, Portuguese legend Deco and others also met with Portuguese superpowers Porto and Benfica during the Champions League knockout.

at the same time,Caio’s departure resulted inAtletico Madrid temporarily suspended the plan to rent out the 19-year-old Manu Sanchez.The new star on the left who has just been selected to the Spanish U21 national team will stay in the first team in the new season.Served as a substitute for Brazil international Lodi.Before that,He was very close to loaning to Osasuna for a year.This season,Manu Sanchez represented the first team in 6 games in all competitions.Five of them were the firsts.In addition,He also played 23 times for the Atletico Madrid B team in West Division B.