News on August 28 Through my Instagram,James‘ best friend Jorge Pineda Published an open letter,Which seems to imply that Hames is about to make a transfer decision.

“It’s about respect for a person,He represents a lot in my life,I want to tell a story between us here: from our acquaintance to today,Since 2004,When we still don’t know anything about children,A medium size,The kid who wanted to play football walked into our classroom,Our friendship began on that day.“

“What should i say,That day,10th,magician,Or our‘Wild monkey‘Came to us,You want to play,But your team requires you to learn knowledge first,Lay the foundation for your future,From that day on,We became classmates,We talk about everything,We discuss football,So that we once found a teacher who likes football to pester him,Let him pass the exam for us,Hahaha.”

“I still remember,When we are in computer class.You tell me you want to be Colombia’s No. 10,And you really succeeded,You became the best player in Colombia——I respect everyone’s different opinions.My magician,You are Harry Potter on the court.”

“You as a player,As a human being, there are achievements for all to see,I admire your hard work for your career,You are a good dad,Good son,Although we sometimes disagree,But I still respect you,Our friendship has not changed.God bless you forever!No matter what decision you make,I hope you can be happy,I will always be by your side,Boss!God bless you.”