News on August 2 Rooney believed that Ferguson’s tactics in the 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals were wrong.In his own column for the Sunday Times,The former Red Devils wrote:

“Teams like Real Madrid,It is always difficult for them to actively choose to give up possession of the ball during the game.The same is true for Manchester United.But we lost two Champions League finals in direct dialogue with Guao Bar?a,At that time, we took a high position and close to snatch,This is suicidal.I remember Ferguson said‘We are Manchester United,We have to attack,This is the culture of this club’,I am a little unsure in my heart.”

“I think all the players understand deep down,Give up the way that brought us success in the 2008 semifinals,This is the wrong approach,And indeed we were defeated both times.To speak of being loyal to the club’s culture,Indeed it did,But it was indeed sitting there and swallowing the bitter fruit of me,In this major Champions League game,How you play is not very important,Just win.Look at last year’s finals, Liverpool launched offensive one after another,I think Zidane was in my mindset at the time.”

News on August 3 recently,Bell was interviewed by a program,Talked about the fans‘ criticism and questioning of themselves and the issue of playing golf.

Bell:“Every game,Our players will be under a lot of pressure,If you don’t play well,Will be criticized.I have several times,Booed by 80,000 people in the stadium,Because of my bad performance.At first I would think,What’s the situation?But this experience is not good,And it is a blow to your confidence.”

“This is a big problem,I just don’t understand,The players usually hope,If you don’t perform well on the court,Your fans can support and help you behind your back,To regain your confidence,This can also make them happy.But now it all looks the opposite,They hush you,It will only make you feel more down,Lose confidence,Kicked worse,Then they became more frustrated.”

“Many people have talked about my golfing problem,Take this as an example.I just do not understand,Me and my doctor,My friends have talked about this issue,They think there is nothing wrong with this.”