September 1 News Manchester United star Matic grew up in a small village in Vrelo, Serbia.In an interview recently,Matic recalled the difficult years of childhood.

Matic said:“When I was young,I don’t have a good place to train,The stadium is in bad condition,And close to the cemetery.”

“It’s not even on the court,Just put a goal and drew a few lines.So now I want to provide some good venues for children,So they can train and improve.”

“I want to help the school,It is important to have a good school.When I was in school,The school doesn’t even have a toilet,You have to run into the forest to go to the toilet.”

I think the kids there are worthy of everything better,A better school,Better training conditions and better playgrounds,I also take this as my own responsibility,And try to help them.

“Like the players we play at Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal,Can make a lot of money,We have to spend some money on the children,Because some of them,It is the star of the future.”

Manchester United is very popular in Serbia,Red Star Belgrade is the most popular,Followed by the Belgrade guerrillas,Next is Manchester United.

“I have always liked Manchester United,Especially when Vidic played.He is also a Serbian player,His home is not far from my home,We have always supported him.”

“Manchester United may be the biggest club in England,Is also one of the largest clubs in the world,When I have a chance to come here,I am eager to play for Manchester United.”

“Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern,They are the three biggest clubs in my eyes.”

“Joining Manchester United is an easy decision,When you get such an opportunity,You have to catch it.”