News on August 28 Earlier this week,Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson signed a contract extension with the team.He will stay at Manchester United until 2025,And there is an option to extend the contract for another year.

After signing the new contract,Henderson accepted an interview with MUTV,During this period, he discussed his motivation for his debut at Manchester United,Own national team wishes,And cooperation with goalkeepers such as De Gea.

Dean,Congratulations on signing a new contract with Manchester United.How excited are you to play for this club in the future?

“Yes,I am very very happy.This is something I have been working on for several years.I have been keeping in shape,Hard training game,I’m glad to be sitting here now,There is a new five-year contract in front of you,There is also the option to renew the contract to the sixth year.So I am very happy.”

Your family must be proud of this too?

“Yes,They have known since I was 14 years old,Manchester United is where I want to go.This is also a special day for them,to me,This is extraordinary.The dream came true.”

Now there is no doubt,Your goal is to debut for Manchester United.What does that mean to you?

“This means the whole world to me.Everything I did before was to bring myself to this position.I worked very hard behind the scenes,In order to achieve today’s goal,I have to take a different path.I am sitting here now,Thinking about the next step,Obviously, Manchester United’s debut will be a very proud thing for me.If this game comes,Then I will never forget.I have always wanted to win trophies in this great club,I am an ambitious young me,Come here and get so close to these,It is to win the championship with the biggest club in the world.Hope we can return to this road as soon as possible.”

It is clear,Today you are celebrating the recruitment of the England national team,Must be very excited to fight for the country, right?

“Yes,hundred percent.It is clear,Playing for England,Like i said,It was a very special moment for myself,This is what I have always wanted to do.If I can be recognized there,That would be great.I will continue to train hard,Believe that your own time will come.”

How much looking forward to cooperating with other goalkeepers in the team?

“definitely,Obviously I can’t wait to return to the team.I know them well.De Gea had an incredible career with the Red Devils at Manchester United.Not long ago I was still saying,If I can replicate this experience one day,Then I will be extremely proud.So it will be beneficial to learn from him and other goalkeepers now.I look forward to it very much.”

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