News on August 29 recently,In the new documentary „Liverpool: 30 Years of Waiting“ filmed by the BBC for Liverpool, Salah described the team’s history of winning the championship and the changes in mood within the team.The documentary will be broadcast on Sunday night local time.

Talk about the beginning of the season and the epidemic

“When I first came to this club,I said I want to win the Premier League title here,They will say I am crazy,But we did it.”

“Our main goal this season is the Premier League,We really want to win the championship,It gave us a lot of confidence when we beat Manchester City at Anfield in November,Because they were champions.”

“I was very excited after scoring a goal against Manchester United,The reaction of the fans was crazy.It is special for everyone.”

“(After that) people said that this season might be cancelled,Somehow,This gave us a lot of pressure,Maybe everyone in the club started to panic.But during that time I stayed at home with my family,I have never had such a time before,I enjoy my time with my family.”

“After such a long season,Especially the missed championship the previous year,Thinking that they would cancel the Premier League again,I feel sad.”

On the 17/18 season Champions League final injury

“I don’t know how to describe it,But this is too sad for me.That was one of the worst moments of my football career.I do not know,I don’t want to be too emotional,But that’s really bad.”

Before the 18/19 Champions League final

“We had dinner together before the game,Me, Firmino,Alisson,Van Dyke,Lovren and a large group of people are there,Wijnaldum was talking about‘We cannot lose two finals in a row,This will never work’.”

“If you lose in the Champions League final,Then no one will remember you,Because in the end you won nothing.If you don’t win the Premier League,And missed the Champions League for two consecutive years,to be frank,The pressure is too great.”

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