News on August 30 The Community Shield Cup that ended before,Arsenal beat Liverpool,After the game,Danny Murphy, a former Liverpool midfielder and now a football commentator, wrote an article in the „Daily Mail“ column about his views on the game.Murphy said,If Arsenal sign a few outstanding players later,It is very likely to enter the top four next season.Murphy also believes thatArteta completely changed the atmosphere of Arsenal.

Murphy mentioned:“I also watched the Arsenal game before,I think after Arteta took over the team,He completely changed Arsenal,There is no doubt about this.”

“Aubameyang’s goal shows a lot of things.Arsenal made progress under the leadership of Arteta,I think Arsenal are acting very confident now,And that’s Arteta’s credit.”

“Liverpool put a lot of pressure on Arsenal in this game.And Arsenal behaved very calmly,They seized the opportunity to fight back,And scored the first goal,And then won the game,Won the championship trophy.”

“Saka performed very well in the game,I think he did a great job of passing the ball in the third zone of the offense.At his age,It is great for Saka to pass such a ball.”

“Of course Aubameyang’s goal is also very important.I think Arsenal should complete the contract extension with Aubameyang as soon as possible.”

“Since Arteta went,Arsenal’s mentality has changed,When Liverpool equalized,I thought Liverpool would win the Community Shield Cup.”

“past,Arsenal may collapse after being equalized.But Arsenal is different now.They fought back,They are always improving.”

Liverpool did not perform well enough in the Community Shield,And Arsenal showed a winner mentality

“But honestly,Liverpool did not perform well enough in the final,Klopp and Liverpool players will be disappointed,No one wants to miss the championship trophy,Although this is just a game before the start of the new season.”

“But this Liverpool team is not lacking in confidence.They will have to face more difficult situations later,And now this Arsenal team has established a winner mentality,They won the FA Cup before,Then he won the Community Shield Cup.”

Martinez was very stable,It would be great if Arsenal could keep him

“I know Arteta said that Leno is his first choice in the goalkeeper position.But Martinez once again showed excellent performance before,I think it was the previous transfer rumors that inspired Martinez.”

“In other words, Leno made it clear before that he would compete with Martinez after his return.And that inspired Martinez,That’s why he can continue to show steady performance.”

“Martinez stabilized Arsenal’s defense,His footwork is excellent,I think this is a great point,If Arteta can keep Martinez for the team,That would be great.”

“Martinez has performed very well recently,He has been at Arsenal for a long time,Coupled with his previous rental experience,I very much hope that he can continue to play at Arsenal.”

“I think Martinez did everything for Arsenal,in my opinion,If Arsenal can sign a few outstanding players,They have a good chance of entering the top four in the league next season.”

“Although Arsenal have performed very well recently,But they still have a lot of room for improvement,William is a great signing,Because he is very experienced,And won many championships.”

“I think Gabriel is a very good central defender.Arsenal must make sure to sign him as soon as possible.”

“If Arsenal can keep Ceballos,Sign Thomas,Then Arsenal’s midfield configuration will be very good,Ceballos was Arsenal’s best player in the final stages of last season.”

“If Arsenal can do what I said,I think they can challenge Chelsea and Manchester United next season,Go to compete for the Champions League qualification.”

“But I also want to say,Aubameyang is definitely Arsenal’s most important player.If Aubameyang does not renew his contract with Arsenal,Then they will be in a difficult situation afterwards.”