September 6th After Messi announced that he would officially stay in the team yesterday,The editor-in-chief of the Real Madrid edition of Aspen,Tomas Roncero, the opinion leader of Spanish Real Madrid fans, published his own comments in the Aspen newspaper,In this article titled „Messi stayed,Good news for Real Madrid„Wrote in the article:

“The painful 2-8 in Lisbon,Not only marks the end of a failed route,It also means that Messi is beyond doubt,A staggering decline……Three weeks after the defeat in the Champions League,He was silent,This shows his indifference to the feelings of Barcelona fans.Even the picture of the child wearing his jersey at the door waiting to cry,Can’t make him touch.”

“Messi just wanted to leave,This is his plan,He is unwilling to continue wearing this jersey that has given him everything in the past 20 years,this behavior,In our place,Called‘ungrateful’.I believe that real Barcelona fans should understand,Messi stayed,Not because of his love for the badge on his chest,But because he had no choice.“

“and so,As a Real Madrid fan,My reaction to Messi’s staying is to celebrate,Because there was another hot potato in the dressing room of Coman,The reconstruction and replacement of Barcelona,To postpone another year,Because of Messi’s existence,In the past few years, Barcelona’s lineup has long been rigid.

“And in the European war,What Messi and Barcelona have left are all kinds of jaw-dropping results: 0-4 in Paris,0-3 in Turin,0-3 in Rome,0-4 in Liverpool,2-8 in Lisbon.Messi and Guardiola,Harvey,Iniesta,Alves,Puyol succeeded together,But these people,Long gone.“

“and so,Messi’s stay delayed and even worsened Barcelona’s problems.As a Real Madrid person,We are cautiously optimistic about the tragedy that our biggest opponent is facing now,Messi is no longer Messi,Messi will never be the same again.Years are killing pigs,Messi stayed,Good news for Real Madrid.“