September 1 News Spanish defender Jesús Navas participated in today’s national team press conference,

About your new teammate Oscar Rodriguez,He was also selected for this national team training,What kind of words and suggestions do you have for him?

I think this is good news,Whether for Spain or for Seville,I also hope that Oscar can exert his strength,I hope he can maintain his current state,Because of his strength,I also want to welcome him to Sevilla and his selection to the national team.

For the next World Cup,Do you think you have a chance to be in the World Cup?

I am full of enthusiasm,I am very happy to be able to enjoy the national team,To be able to play here,Whenever I come here I go all out,I also hope to continue to play for the national team in the future.

Regarding Rakitic’s question,What do you think of Rakitic’s return to Seville?

This is great news,Rakitic is a great player,A good person,He has contributed a lot to Seville,Very strong,We are very happy to join,I hope Rakitic can provide us with a lot of help.

Do you think this season is your best season since returning to Seville?And returning to the national team this time,What did you talk to Ramos?

I think this season is great,I am very happy,As the captain, I also lifted the Europa League championship,I am proud of it.Ramos is my good brother,When I lift the champion,He is also happy for me.

How is your physical condition?Especially after only a few days of rest,And about next season,With Rakitic joining,What are the goals of Seville?

Like i said,I am now full of fighting spirit and expectation,to me,Although there are few rest periodsBut being able to join the national team is still exciting.This is a very proud thing.As for Seville,Every year is full of ambition,I hope to have a great performance in the coming season.

When you join Manchester City,You are the world champion,And sitting next to you is a 19-year-old guy,He is now a Manchester City player (referring to Eric Garcia),I want to know what do you think of the impact of these capitals from the Middle East on European football?

I can’t say anything,I only care about Seville,And the Spanish national team,I am very happy here.