September 8 News This summer window,Chelsea made many signings in the transfer market,The strength of the team has been rapidly enhanced,But at the same time, the pressure on the shoulders of coach Frank Lampard is also increasing.

In an interview with talkSPORT, a sports radio station,Former Blues player Tony Cascarino feels the same.

Cascarino said:”Lampard was fully aware of the pressure on his shoulders,But which Chelsea coach has no pressure?If you become the Chelsea coach,You have to be prepared to become the first coach in the Premier League.“

”According to the past,Even the coach with a winning percentage over Lampard also ended up being fired.of course,The situation is different,It cannot be compared simply.But Lampard himself already knew the rules of the game.“

”Is it because Lampard is a club legend,And will get more patience?Will not,After this summer,He has no retreat.“

”Although he is an old Chelsea,Although he worked hard to train young players for the team,But none of these will bring him much sympathy.Lampard already knew clearly,Chelsea’s expectations of him are no longer just to be in the top four.The team brought him so much supportI hope he can challenge Liverpool and Manchester City.“

Lampard knew well,If you fail to achieve the team’s expectations and goals,He will no longer be Chelsea’s coach next year.“

September 8 News Former Manchester United striker Alan Smith believes thatNo one in the Red Devils can replace Keane’s role,A leader is very much needed in the locker room.

Smith said:“Whether as a player or in the team,Roy Keane cannot be replaced,Especially at Manchester United.

I still think that no one in the team can replace him.But there is a great need for someone like Keane in the locker room and on the court.

“No one can copy his role,So I must try my best to do a good job in a similar position.No one will say‘You will be Roy Keane’Such words,I can never do such a job.”

Smith also denied the claim that Keane was overvalued at his peak.He insisted that his former teammates felt his ability on and off the court.

“You can ask any of his teammates or opponents,I would say that 99% of people will give you the same answer.”

“to me,This is not only a question of Keane as a leader,This is also disrespect for him as a player,You can’t just play for Manchester United as a leader and be captain.

“For a possibly one of the greatest midfielders in the Premier League,This criticism is unfair.”