News on August 22 Liverpool is about to usher in a warm-up match with Stuttgart,Before the warm-up match begins,Liverpool coach Klopp accepted an interview on the club’s official website.Klopp said in an interview,This time is very important for Liverpool,Because the team can now fully focus on training.Klopp also stated that Stuttgart is one of his favorite German teams.And Liverpool will not care too much about the result of the friendly match.

How is the training camp going so far?The atmosphere of the team seems to be good,is it?

“Yes,The atmosphere in the team is good,This is a special pre-season training,I hope my players can perform harder,Competition in the team is also a good thing.We are preparing for the next season,This is hard work.”

“so far,The players performed very well in training,I think the intensity of training is very good,I am very satisfied with the performance of the players.”

“I think as long as the players continue to maintain,They can be fully prepared for the next season.”

The team will play their first friendly match with Stuttgart on Saturday before the start of the season.What test do you think this game can bring to the team?

We planned two friendly matches before,One is against Stuttgart, the other is against Salzburg,Both of these opponents are difficult to deal with.”

“Stuttgart returned to the Bundesliga last season,A few weeks ago,I just said,Stuttgart is a club with a long history.”

“Although Stuttgart encountered difficulties before and was downgraded,But now they have returned to the Bundesliga.”

“Stuttgart is a very young team,I don’t know their situation very well now,This is a friendly match before the start of the season,So we will not hold long meetings,I will briefly explain a few things to the team,For example, my knowledge of Stuttgart.”

“I don’t know much about the head coach of Stuttgart either.Because he became the head coach long after I left Germany.But Stuttgart did a great job,Nate Phillips did a great job there last year.”

“Friendly matches before the start of the season are very important,We knew it would be difficult,We will face a difficult schedule after the start of the season,So the friendly match against Stuttgart will be very important.”

“After playing Stuttgart,We will also play against Salzburg,Both games will be very difficult,I’m sure.”

“I think Salzburg will start the new season next week,So Salzburg must take longer to train than us,The game against Salzburg will be very interesting,I’m sure.”

“For Salzburg,It is definitely a good thing to see the return of old players such as Mane and Nabi Keita.What we have to do now is to fully prepare for Saturday’s game.”

Don’t talk about the team’s injuries,This should be the first time in your coaching career that you have led a complete team to participate in the friendly before the season begins, right?

“not like this,Actually,When I was still coaching in Mainz,I always lead a complete lineup to participate in friendly matches,When I first took over Dortmund,I will also lead a complete lineup to participate in friendly matches.”

“We had no international players at the time,The national team’s game will shorten the time of friendly matches before the start of the season.Most players will not be able to return to the team until about a week before the start of the new season.”

“So in many cases,None of us can put together a complete lineup to participate in friendly matches.”

“This is the first time I have had this opportunity since I coached Liverpool.I am very happy about it,This is why we will train as much as possible,We don’t care about the result of the friendly match.”

“We need to fully prepare for the Community Shield against Arsenal through friendly matches.Although after the Community Shield game ended,We still have two weeks to start the new Premier League season.”

“Due to international competitions,The timing may be strange,We will look at which players in the team need to participate in the national team game.”

“There will be games after the Netherlands,England also has games,There may also be games in Wales,There is no match between the Brazilian national team and the African national team.So some players in our team will not leave.”

“We will organize a friendly match again during that time,to be frank,Now is really the only time of the year where you can devote yourself to training.And we need to seize this opportunity.”

You seem to know the club Stuttgart well,You have a special relationship with Stuttgart,is it?

“Yes,Stuttgart is where I grew up,Many people there will support Bayern Munich or other teams.”

“But if you can only choose one club,Then it’s Stuttgart,I like the Stuttgart jersey very much,Their jerseys always use white as the background.And with red stripes.”

“I like the logo of Stuttgart,The red stripes on the jersey are very big,When i was young,I am a big fan of Stuttgart.”

“Many things happened after that,But there is no doubt thatStuttgart is one of my favorite German clubs.”