Arsenal’s home stadium is called the Emirates Stadium. This is the third stadium since the establishment of the Arsenal team.The previous Highbury Stadium officially ended in May 2006.The formation of the new stadium Chiefs‘ home court seems to usher in a new round of brilliance for Arsenal.The real glory of Arsenal was from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.And the beginning of the 21st century,This is the era of Arsenal.

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  How scary is Arsenal at home

In the original Highbury Stadium,On March 9, 1935,The stadium was crowded 7.30,000 fans watched the match against Sunderland,Imagine that nearly 90 years ago,ArsenalThe stadium has gathered more than 70,000 people,And now many important games cannot gather so many fans,And Arsenal themselves belong to the home team,Even with a bad performance this season,Arsenal maintained more than half of their winning percentage at home,Currently ranked 6th among the Premier League clubs.

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Many people have been wondering why Arsenal have so many fans.In recent seasons when Arsenal is on the verge of difficulty,There are still a large number of fans supporting Arsenal in the stands.This is actually the time for Arsenal to arrive in two stages.The first is that fans all over the world pay attention to football.At the beginning of the 21st century,It happened to be the time when Arsenal won consecutive Premier League titles.The second one was around 2008,Although Arsenal never won the championship at that time,But the same is full of firepower,These two periods have gained a large number of fans,Plus the competition among the seven giants in the league,Let Arsenal always maintain an efficient level.

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Arsenal has not been able to enter the Champions League since the 16/17 season.This had to make Arsenal fans all kinds of mockery,Although the fierce confrontation with the seven giants in the Premier League makes it difficult for Arsenal to enter the top four of the Premier League,But for three consecutive years, even at Arsenal’s home game, it has been difficult to rival other Premier League giants.This disappointed fans,Arsenal are currently ranked 9th this season,29 rounds have passed so far,It is almost impossible for Arsenal to compete for the Champions League qualification this season.I hope Arsenal can show a brilliant performance for the next games of the season,Expect Arsenal to enter the Champions League next season!