The Chelsea goalkeeper is currently Kepa,The second door is Caballero,The three is Jamie,Chelsea is currently ranked fourth in the Premier League.But in many games, the forward midfielder contributed slightly more.The Chelsea goalkeeper’s average conceded this season has reached 1.5.This is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the giants.Although the Premier League has a very high intensity confrontation,But once conceded more than many weak teams,There is no doubt that the Chelsea goalkeeper is unqualified.

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa

  Who is the Chelsea goalkeeper

The Chelsea goalkeeper’s current main goal is Kepa.Currently playing 87 games for Chelsea,Lost 94 balls,As of 29 rounds this season,Chelsea scored 51 goals and lost 39 goals.ChelseaThe problem of goalkeeper and defense has always been great,This also puts Chelsea at the risk of falling out of the Champions League all the time.If Arsenal, Manchester United or Tottenham once rose,Then Chelsea is very likely to lose the Champions League qualification.

The head coach makes substitution adjustmentsKepa refused to leave

  About Chelsea goalkeeper

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa bought it from Athletic Bilbao for 80 million euros in August 2018.But since Kepa came to Chelsea,His level and value have been showing a downward trend,Chelsea’s defense does have great hidden dangers.But every time you lose the ball,Goalkeepers always have responsibilities that cannot be avoided,This also reduced the main goalkeeper Kepa’s worth from 80 million euros to the current 32 million euros.

Surrey was very angry,This has severely challenged the authority of the head coach

  What happened to the Chelsea goalkeeper’s refusal to leave

Kepa also made a contempt of the head coach once.It was the 18/19 British League Cup final,Chelsea against Manchester City,In a Manchester City attack,Kepa was knocked to the ground,After nearly 3 minutes of healing, Kepa barely got up.And the head coach Sarri decided to change.But Kepa refused to replace himself.Countless times that I can stick to it,But this is a big taboo for athletes,The coach’s substitutions in the game must be followed no matter what the player is.But the big joke of his main goalkeeper has undoubtedly greatly reduced the prestige of the coach.Although Paco publicly apologized later,But this is a black spot that cannot be erased.