Cantona kicked the fans,It is one of the most famous events in the Premier League.In a Premier League game in January 1995,Cantona was sent off,On his way out of the field he was frantically insulted by fans on the sidelines.Cantona flew up and kicked the fan.And tried to beat each other.Cantona was later suspended for eight months.Manchester Unitedinfluenced by,Brushed shoulders with the Premier League three consecutive championships.Cantona, who was suspended from the game, dispelled the idea of retirement under Ferguson’s hard persuasion.And returned to the competition on October 1, 1995.

Cantona kicks the fans

  Cantona kicks the fans incident

On January 25, 1995,Manchester United drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace,In the 49th minute of the game,Cantona was sent off with a red card,When he leaves the field,A man named Matthew SimmonsCrystal PalaceFans are crazy about Cantona on the sidelines“French hybrid”.How could the hot-tempered Cantona endure this,I flew up and aimed at the fans,And tried to beat each other,Fortunately, the staff arrived in time,Cantona opened.This is the famous Cantona flying kicking fan incident,It is not uncommon for players to fight on the football field.But it is indeed very rare for players to beat fans.

Cantona and Ferguson love father and son

  Cantona kicks the fans follow

Cantona kicked the fans for a while,But the punishment also came as scheduled.In view of the bad nature of the incident,Cantona was punished by a 4-month ban from Manchester United’s team.The FA later increased the suspension to 8 months,The criminal court gave two weeks imprisonment,It was later changed to 120 hours of public welfare work.Because of this suspension,Cantona wanted to retire for a while,Ferguson, then Manchester United coach, went to Paris to persuade him.Only then did Cantona dispel the idea of retirement.Manchester United lost by 1 point this seasonPremier Leaguechampion,Missed three consecutive championships.

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  Cantona does not regret flying kicking fans

Manchester United King Cantona has always been a maverick,Quick talk,Even if the kicking fans cost him and Manchester United heavy losses,But the French have never softened their lips.In an interview later,Cantona said:“I said before,I should kick him harder,I will never regret it.”Cantona’s approach is certainly wrong,He also received the punishment he deserved,But he did do a lot of things players want to do but dare not do.ArsenalWright once said,He was racially discriminated against by his teammates and fans,Envy Cantona has the courage to kick and scold his fans.