The Liverpool tragedy was a thing that shocked the world football very much.There have been two very serious accidents in football history,Which is all related to Liverpool,The first was the Hillsborough massacre in 1989,This is a duel between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest,But there was confusion among the fans during the game,In the end, nearly a hundred people died in the stampede,The second time was the Heysel massacre in 1985,This is a duel between Liverpool and Juventus,No one in the stands adjusted the positions of the two fans,In the end, both sides insulted and threw things,Some fans even fought,Eventually the stands collapsed,39 people were crushed to death.

The Liverpool tragedy was due to improper management,Crowded and stampede

  What happened to the Liverpool tragedy

  There were two Liverpool tragedies,The first time isLiverpoolAgainst the severe stampede that occurred during the Nottingham Forest,This incident was decrypted to the world in 2011,It was the negligence of the police,Irresponsible,Not adjusted clearly,This also led to the direct occurrence of crowded stampede,After the game starts, it is undoubtedly a dangerous thing to follow the team into the field.

Players also commemorate these fans who lost their lives on the stadium

  About the Liverpool tragedy

  The second Liverpool tragedy was the Heysel tragedy.This time the incident was also poorly managed by managers,The two fans merged in one stand,The two sides abused and fought each other,In the end, the stand collapsed and 39 people died.This time UEFA also announced a five-year suspension of British football.Liverpool banned for 7 years.

The tragedy on the football field warns us that we must be safe when watching football

  What is the impact of the Liverpool tragedy

  In fact, watching football live is a very cool thing.But it is these insecurity factors that have turned football into a tragedy.You must pay attention to safety when watching football,Football is beautiful,But life is more important,I hope that fans from all over the world who go to the scene to watch football will pay more attention to their safety.