The one that ended yesterdayPremier LeagueIn the game,Manchester United played against the visiting Everton team at Old Trafford,I just defeated a rival in the same city in the last gameManchester CityOf them,But this scene stumbled,In the end, Manchester United was tied 1-1 by the relegation team Everton.Also refreshed the humiliating record of 48 years of team history.

Manchester United draws 1-1 by relegation team Everton

  The game started only 17 seconds,Manchester UnitedCreated an opportunity,But Lingard’s shot eventually missed the goal.After that, Everton responded.Holgate passed and shot,The ball flies to the goal,Fortunately, De Gea focused,Lift the ball out of the crossbar.Since then, the offensive on both sides has continued,Especially on Manchester United’s side,Take advantage of the momentum at home,Many opportunities have been created.But whether it’s Rashford or James,None of their shots can be converted into goals.In this situation,Manchester United was tied by the relegation team Everton in the first half.

Lingard’s shot finally missed the goal

  Manchester United was tied 1-1 by the relegation team,Until the 36th minute of the game,The deadlock on the court was broken.Everton corner kicked into the penalty area,De Gea hit the ball out.But Lindelof at the back point accidentally hit the ball into his goal.The score on the field became 1:0,Everton relied on Manchester United’s own own unexpected lead.After entering the second half with a score of 0:1,For Manchester United,Naturally, he is unwilling to accept such a result until the end of the game.So in the second half of the game,Manchester United’s offensive is even better,They continue to attack Everton’s goal,Hope to tie the score as soon as possible.

Manchester United’s offensive wins in the second half

  In the 77th minute of the second half,The situation on the court was finally rewritten.James dribbled the ball inside and then passed the ball.Greenwood, who came off the bench, took the ball and scored with a low shot.The score on the field became 1:1,After Manchester United blasted most of the game,Finally equalized the score.After the score equalized,At the end of the game,Manchester United made a siege on Everton’s goal.But there is still no way to knock the opponent’s goal.In the end, the whole game ended,Manchester United was tied 1-1 by the relegation team Everton,There was a big upset.

Manchester United once launched a siege on Everton’s goal

  This game is also Manchester United’s 12th consecutive game conceded.The last time Manchester United conceded a goal in 12 consecutive games was in 1971.They reached this embarrassing record again after 48 years,After the game, Solskjaer stood on the cusp of the storm again.Manchester United was tied 1-1 by the relegation team Everton,This is not the first time Manchester United has lost points on a relegation team this season.Such unstable performance also caused Suo Shuai to be criticized by the media and fans.