What is the value of a Norwich player?Norwich has always been in the Premier League and League One.But it’s been almost 5 years since the 15/16 season that I returned to the Premier League.In this season, Norwich almost defeated the Reds with the prestige of promotionLiverpool,But now it is ranked 20th in the Premier League,Is this level of strength worthwhile?The league is not over,Norwich still needs to fight hard,Strive for success in relegation.

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  What is the value of a Norwich player

  What is the value of a Norwich player?The Norwich players who are currently ranked 20th in the Premier League are worth 1.200 million euros,And this kind of value did not achieve good results,Calculated according to the proportion of value and strength,Norwich should be in the top 15 of the Premier League at least this season,For example, Osasuna in La Liga is also upgraded,The team is worth 43.7 million euros,Current rankingLa Liganumber 11,And it’s nearly three times more expensive than Osasuna,But worry about relegation,I hope Norwich will succeed in relegation in the remaining 11 rounds.

Norwich’s dangerous attack against Manchester United

  How Norwich beat Tottenham

  Norwich defeated Tottenham in the fifth round of the FA Cup this season,1 to 1 in the regular season,Until the final penalty shootout defeated 3-2Tottenham,This is a rare victory for Norwich,So far this season,Norwich is still in the fierce battle in relegation,A victory is hard to come by.The main reason for beating Tottenham is that Tottenham’s main superstar forwards Sun Xinghan and Kane were injured and unable to appear.Tottenham’s striker has a big problem,Lead to weak offense,It is also difficult to play offensive cooperation in the face of weak teams.

Norwich defeated Premier League overlord Manchester City this season

  What happened to Norwich’s relegation?

  Norwich’s prowess in the early stages of the league is a standard for a strong team in the Premier League.He defeated Newcastle United 3-1 in the second round,Defeated the Premier League overlord 3-2 in the 5th roundManchester City.But the mid-term collapse of the league made Norwich, who was already a glass-hearted, directly devastated.Currently ranked last,A difference of 6 points from the 16th place,I hope Norwich can regroup,Take out the momentum of defeating Manchester City 3 to 2 to keep scoring in the next 11 rounds,Strive for success in relegation.