Owen was a general of Liverpool in the early 21st century.In Irving’s earliest days he was also a Liverpool U18 youth academy player.In July 1997, he formally joined Liverpool’s first-line team,I came to Liverpool and performed very well.Played 297 games for Liverpool in the league,Scored 158 goals,Contributed 32 assists,It is conceivable that such data was very dazzling in the football at the time.However, the highlights of the Champions League in Liverpool are very dazzling.Why leave Liverpool?

Irving’s departure from Liverpool was very influential at the time

  What happened to Irving leaving Liverpool

  Irving left in August 2004LiverpoolJoined Real Madrid with a transfer value of 12 million euros,I have to say that Irving joined Real Madrid and did not hit his peak data.Only played for Real Madrid for one year,During the 45 games for Real Madrid,Scored 16 goals,4 assists,Although the performance is very eye-catching,But it did not meet Real Madrid’s expectations of Irving.After 2005, he joined Newcastle United,Then moved to Manchester United, Stoke City,Eventually Irving retired.

I have to say that Irving had the world’s top combat power at the time

  Why did Irving leave Liverpool

  Irving left Liverpool for many reasons,One is that the head coach of Liverpool at the time was Benitez.Irving’s style of play is the opposite of Benitez’s,The coach also wants to sell him,And reorganize the team,Second, Owen wanted to leave by himself at the time.I have not had any championship glory in Liverpool for many years,The third is that Real Madrid throws an olive branch at the time.Irving has long admired the La Liga club Real Madrid.These three reasons also caused Irving to finally leave Liverpool.

Irving chose the wrong club, which also made his career go up and down

  About Irving leaving Liverpool

  In fact, Irving left Liverpool at that time and made countless Liverpool fans very sad.At that time Irving was considered the number one superstar in the team.And have a very deep relationship with Liverpool,Irving also burst into tears when he left Liverpool.However, Irving’s departure will create Liverpool in the next period.But he has been dimly spent the rest of his football career.