September 17 News recently,Juventus defender Danilo accepted an interview with FIFA,Talked about his views on Ronaldo, Pirlo, Neymar and others.

How Zidane and Guardiola work

“Their working methods are completely different,But the experience of playing under them has had a positive impact on my growth.Zidane is calm, sincere, and charming.He makes the players feel at ease,So as to stimulate the player’s maximum potential.I’m very happy to have played under Zidane,The period he coached was a period of great success for Real Madrid.My relationship with him is also very good.Guardiola is the opposite.He is a very passionate person,Through this passion,Stimulate the players‘ maximum potential.I played under Guardiola for 2 years,From the results,This is also a very successful period,He also helped me a lot,Let you release your maximum energy every minute on the court.”

Views on De Bruyne

“For me personally,De Bruyne,There is no doubt that in his position (midfield),He is one of the best players in the world.If you analyze him and his assists and goals,He works very hard,From the technical and tactical level to give the team a lot of help.He has a good sense of position,Is the leader of Manchester City.Even if it is not the best player in the world,He is at least one of the best.This doesn’t just mean that he has maintained this high level for many years.And his achievements,His professional attitude.I think he can go to the next level,And in the next few years,He will be one of the core of Manchester City.”

First season at Juventus

“I think it was a good year,It was a year to adapt to the team.I left from the Premier League to Serie A,The two leagues are very different in terms of technical tactics and physical confrontation.I try to adapt as quickly as possible.I played a lot of games at Juventus,We won the Serie A championship.But obviously,A team like Juventus,The goal is to win the Champions League,But we failed to achieve it.Hope to go further in the second year of Juventus,No injuries.”

Evaluation of Pirlo as a player

“His speed is not fast,But he is very intelligent,His ability to hold the ball under his feet is great.In training sessions in the past few days,Pirlo also got involved,His skills are still outstanding——His technology, his vision.In terms of ability,He is still at a high level.”

First impression of Pirlo as a coach

“Pirlo just retired,He knows the mentality of the players playing on the field very well.He knows Juventus very well inside and outside,Know how to deliver your message,Communicate one-on-one with the players,Want to inspire the best in every player.andHe has always had some very good tactical ideas,He knew exactly what he wanted,This is also something I like very much.The initial cooperation with Pirlo as a coach,Everything is positive.”

Views on Ronaldo

“Undisputed,Ronaldo is a very good player,His performance on the court,His data,It says everything.He worked very hard in training,This is reflected in the competition.Maybe what makes him different is,He is good at all aspects of the game.He is a great person,It’s also very friendly and humane,I was a teammate with him for two years in Real Madrid,Now Juventus‘ teammate again,We have a very good relationship.We often chat,Talk about many things,He often asks me about Brazil.For example,During the epidemic,He always asks me about the epidemic prevention situation in Brazil,Because he is very concerned about this matter.”

You have played in La Liga, Premier League, Serie A,Which of the three do you think is the best

“It’s hard to say,Because these are three different leagues.In terms of game quality,La Liga,Whether it is a big team or a small club,They always try to attack,Take advantage of the opponent’s weakness,Strive to win the game.The Premier League’s physical confrontation is fierce,The competition is intense,Passionate.Everyone will not stop for a moment on the court,I like this style of football very much.Serie A is very technical and tactical,you need to,Thoughtful,Play smarter.In Serie A,For forwards,It is difficult to find space.In short,Each league has its own characteristics.”

The Qatar World Cup South American qualifiers will start next month.Talk about your experience in the 2018 World Cup

“This is mixed with many emotions.I am very happy to make my World Cup debut,Can experience the atmosphere of the World Cup.But the frustrating thing is,Two injuries prevented me from playing.But in general,Still a positive and special experience.Participating in the World Cup is the goal of every football player.When you come to the stage of the World Cup,You will feel a dream come true.The experience of being unable to play due to injuries in 2018,It makes me more eager to participate in the next World Cup.”

You will definitely be pleased with Tete’s trust in you

“Yes.This is also one of the goals of a player——To gain the trust of the national team coach,This makes me more motivated,Makes me think about going further every day,Return his trust.But in the Brazilian national team,Each position is very competitive,We have a lot of good players,And there will continue to be new players.So I have to keep working hard,Playing hard at Juventus,Maintain Titt’s trust in me.”

You played 25 games on behalf of the Brazilian national team,But if it were not for Alves, the main iron player,God knows how many (more) games you can play for Brazil.The national team has such a good player in your position to sit firmly in the C position for a long time.Does it make you feel depressed?

“will not,Since I was selected for the national team for the first time,For almost 10 years,I think this is a very important milestone and gain.People always say that Brazil lacks a right back,This is not the case.In the past 10 years,We have Maicon and Alves.The right back of the Brazilian national team is very strong.The competition for this position is fierce.”

Views on Neymar

“in my opinion,There is no doubt that Neymar,Is a top level player in football,Only a few players are at his level.I have known him for more than 10 years.When in Santos,I have seen Neymar’s incredible ability up close.Every time he played a new trick,I will not be surprised,Because I know his talent exceeds any player.”

Can Brazil win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

“(Laughs) Hope.The teams in the World Cup finals are very strong.Football from the technical and tactical and physical confrontation levels,The evolution is very fast.But winning the World Cup is our goal,We have many talented and experienced players.”

Who will be Brazil’s biggest rival on the road to the championship?

“Spain is in good shape now,The new generation of France is very strong,And Belgium and the Netherlands,In recent years, the upward momentum has been rapid.Then there are some veteran players,Italy, Argentina.In a tournament like the World Cup,Except for the team,The long tradition of the team also takes a lot of weight.”