September 19th Former Welsh international Robbie Savage, who has played for Manchester United, Blackburn and many other clubs, previously wrote about Bell in a column in the „Daily Mirror“.Savage said,Tottenham fans still love Bell,He will still be very popular after his return.Savage also believes thatEven signing back to Bell,It is also difficult for Tottenham to compete for the championship.

Savage mentioned:“After John Charles (John Charles),I think Bell can be regarded as the Welsh player who has achieved the highest achievement in a league outside of England.”

“If Bell returns to Tottenham,He is like returning to his home,And Tottenham fans must still love Bell.”

“Bell has experienced several injuries before,And his current strength is not as strong as before,But I think he is still a world-class player,”

“Considering that he has made so many great achievements in Real Madrid,I think the outside world has not evaluated Bell fairly.”

“I think Bell’s achievements may be the highest among British players who have played overseas.Charles played for Juventus,Kevin Keegan played for Hamburg,Tony Woodcock played for Cologne,Michael Owen and McManaman played for Real Madrid,Paul Ince played for Inter Milan,Gascoigne played for Lazio,Lineker played for Barcelona,But I think the achievements of these great players outside the UK are not as good as those of Bell at Real Madrid.”

“Bell should be respected in Spain,You can look at his statistics,Compared with those great players,Bell is not letting go.”

“He scored 105 goals for Real Madrid,Won 13 championship trophies,Including 4 Champions League trophies,His barb in the Champions League final against Liverpool was the best Champions League final goal I have ever seen.”

“You can compare Bell’s data with Zidane’s data,Zidane scored 49 goals for Real Madrid,Won 4 championship trophies,And the fairy goal against Bayer Leverkusen.”

“Figo scored 57 goals in Real Madrid,Won 7 championship trophies,Ronaldo scored 104 goals in Real Madrid,Won 3 championship trophies.”

“Bell has scored more goals than the three Real Madrid legends I mentioned,He has won more championship trophies than the three legends.So I think he deserves the respect of Real Madrid fans.”

If Bell joins Tottenham,How will he fit into Mourinho’s tactical system?

“Mourinho’s understanding of tactics must be more thorough than mine.But if it was me,I will let Bell move in the middle,Instead of Kane.”

“The most suitable location for Bell is in the middle.He has the greatest impact on the game in this position,Bell’s left foot ability is outstanding,Able to complete a fatal blow.”

“If Bell joins,Plus Kane,I think Tottenham have a good chance of winning a championship trophy this season.But even after Bell joined,I don’t think Tottenham can compete with Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.Because their lineup is not as deep as those teams.”

“Of course,Tottenham’s game will be even more exciting after Bell joins.I think Bell did not get the evaluation he deserves in Real Madrid.And after returning to Tottenham,He will feel love again.”

“But in terms of competition,Bell is a bit too late to return to Tottenham now.So I think it’s still difficult for Tottenham to compete for the championship.If he returned a few years earlier,Then the effect will be better.”