September 22 News Paul Merson previously wrote about Liverpool in his column,He said Liverpool still needs signings.

Merson said:“I think Liverpool still needs signings,They must take into account that players may suffer injuries,Defensive players like Van Dijk can’t play every game.Once Liverpool’s defender is injured,They cannot find someone to replace it.”

“I made an analogy before,A great team is like a famous fast food restaurant.Famous fast food restaurants sell a lot of French fries and burgers,But the store will continue to advertise,Because they want to stay at the top of the industry.”

“If Manchester City’s defense is injured,They can also kick,Because Manchester City’s idea may be:‘anyway,As long as we score more goals than our opponents.’”

“The depth of Manchester City’s lineup is really great,And what I worry about most about Liverpool is the depth of their lineup.5-6 players in their team need to play every week,Otherwise the strength of the team will be greatly reduced.”

“The Premier League is the toughest league in the world,There are high demands on players,For clubs,Keeping healthy is the most important thing.”