September 21 News Before Manchester City coach Guardiola accepted an interview on the club’s official website,He talked about his future,The team voted for Fernandinho

The club voted to confirm Fernandinho as the new captain

After David Silva left the team,The Manchester City team voted for Fernandinho, who played for Manchester City for the eighth season, as the new captain.

Guardiola:“The players and team staff voted for the new captain,Fernandinho will be as good as I first met him,It doesn’t matter if he is the first captain,He has always been a leader.I am very happy with your vote.”

According to the „Daily Telegraph“,The team’s midfielder De Bruyne was selected as the deputy captain.

My contract and future with Manchester City

“I am willing to spend more time in Manchester City,This is what I like and deserve.In the past 10 years,Manchester City has always maintained a considerable standard,I must also work hard to maintain.”

“In order to be able to extend the contract with the team,I must try to maintain the level of the team.This season will see if I am worth the new contract,See how the team continues to move forward and improve.”

Are the clubs disappointed by the team’s 18-point runner-up in the league last season and the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the third consecutive season?

“No,We have not talked to the club about these specific team record terms,From the first day,The club did not propose any specific terms.The team asked me to do my best with my staff and players,This situation will continue.”

“The club didn’t tell me when I must win what,They told me to lead the team to the game,Try to do my job well,I know the standards of this club,If I don’t meet the standard,I should stay.”

“We have a game every three days,So we don’t have much time to consider this issue.”

“I try to be honest with myself and the club,I meet with the team director Begiristan and the club CEO Ferren Soriano every week.”

“Renewal will happen when it should happen,Now I have other things to do.”

“If I don’t have the passion and desire to lead the team and help the players,I won’t be here anymore.I still have the passion to do this,Maybe more passion than ever,I want to work hard to complete an outstanding season with everyone.”

Talking about the Premier League’s three-man replacement rotation

Manchester City Club and some clubs hope to continue to use 9 substitutes and 5 substitutes who can play.But these proposals were rejected in a vote by the 20 Premier League clubs.Opponents believe that these measures will be more conducive to big clubs with a deep lineup.

Guardiola blamed this,Those who voted did not protect their players,Because of the impact of the new crown epidemic,The schedule is intensive,Will increase the player’s risk of injury.

Guashuai:“I do not understand,In this special period when everyone is concerned about the new crown epidemic,No one is allowed to go to the restaurant,When you are not allowed to do what you want,The Premier League can’t use 5 substitute players to protect the players.”

“Even the teams below the top six,They are all in the same situation,One game every three days,You must protect your players,But I will not decide this kind of thing.”