September 23 News Early this Friday morning, Beijing time,Bayern will compete with Sevilla in the Super Cup,Champions League champion Frick attended the press conference before the game.

Talk about opponents:

“Seville deservedly won the Europa League,They are a very mature team,The tactical structure is very good.Lopetegui’s work is excellent.They are a strong team that can put pressure on their opponents.The game will be very dynamic and intense,It is a real top contest.”

Talk about the epidemic in Budapest:

“We are here to play football,The decision whether or not to enter the stadium is made by someone else.We only have one goal,That’s winning,The game will be difficult,But we know we can do it.Seville is a strong team,There is a coach who takes them to a very high level.”


“I think Lewand can complete today’s training,Everyone we came here was very nice.For Harvey Martinez, we have to look at the progress of the game,He is in my plan,You can always trust him 100%.”

Talk about experience:

“I really don’t have much Super Bowl experience.We want to be fully prepared,Because 99% of the preparation for Seville is not enough,Must be 100%.We want to win the game,A final is always special,The Super Bowl is the same.”

Talk about Gotze:

“I have always been in contact with Mario,When we worked together in the national team, I knew him well and admired him,I know what his strengths are.But this is not a topic we want to discuss at this moment.”