September 12th Liverpool celebrity Ian Rush spoke about Liverpool and Klopp in an interview with the media.He said in an interview,Although Liverpool did not do much in the transfer market this summer,But as long as Liverpool’s players can stay healthy,Even if the team does not introduce players this summer,He will not be worried.

Ian Rush mentioned:“If Liverpool can successfully defend the Premier League title in the new season,So in my mind,Klopp’s status is as high as Shankly, Paisley and Dalglish.”

“Shankly laid a solid foundation for Liverpool.Paisley took Liverpool to a higher level,Dalglish was the last coach before Klopp to bring Liverpool to the league championship.”

“do not forget,There have been so many outstanding coaches who have tried to lead Liverpool to the league championship.But they all failed.”

Firmino has not scored many goals in Liverpool.And the outside world has always been questioning Firmino’s ability,In this regard,Ian Rush said:“Firmino has always performed very hard,No matter whether he can make it to the game,And people seem to have taken this for granted.”

“Firmino may not have as many goals scored as other players at the 9th position.But we need to see other things he showed on the court,He can help his teammates.”

“When Firmino is on the court,Mane and Salah also performed better,Because Firmino can connect the midfield and frontcourt.”

“Firmino did not score many goals at Anfield.But in many important away games,Firmino has scored key goals for Liverpool.”

“Many players are used to scoring at home,But when they are away,It is difficult for them to break through the opponent’s door,And Firmino is just the opposite of those players,He often scores in away games.”

“obviously,Firmino is very important to Liverpool,When Liverpool was in trouble,Firmino can often stand up.”

“The Red Army has beaten their opponents 1-0 in away games many times before.And Firmino was the one who scored the only goal for Liverpool.”

“The combination of Salah, Mane and Firmino can score 70 goals in a single season.This is what they should accomplish,I always say that,Liverpool’s striker combination is very good.”

Arnold and Robertson gradually grew into world-class full-backs under Klopp’s hands.They played a key role in Liverpool’s success.In this regard,Ian Rush said:“Arnold and Robertson have proved their own abilities last year.In terms of holding the ball,Arnold and Robertson are the best at full-back positions.”

“They sent so many assists,to be frank,I think it will be difficult for you to find a combination of full-backs like Robertson and Arnold.”

“They provided Liverpool with many different offensive options last season.But for Liverpool,They are also facing new problems now.”

“Because other teams will definitely focus on limiting Arnold and Robertson in the future,Don’t let them move forward with the ball easily.”

“One of Arnold and Robertson may get a chance to move forward,It is also very difficult for other teams to restrict these two players at the same time.But this will also be a problem for Liverpool.And they need to find a solution.”

Liverpool was not active enough in the transfer market this summer.Previously the team only introduced Zimikas,The outside world is also questioning Liverpool’s signing plan,In this regard,Rush said:“to be frank,If conditions permit,Every club wants to introduce new players.”

“But the problem for Liverpool now is,They cannot promise a starting position to the players they want to introduce.”

“Liverpool can spend 80 million pounds to bring in a player,But is that player willing to join Liverpool without being guaranteed a starting position?”

“Liverpool’s current lineup is already very good.Unless a Liverpool player suffers an injury,Otherwise I think Klopp is already very satisfied with the team’s current lineup.”

“Other teams signed up this summer,Because they want to improve their strength,Liverpool has raised the bar before.”

“I am not worried that Liverpool did not introduce new aid this summer.And I hope every player on the team can stay healthy.”

There have been news that Liverpool will sign Bayern midfielder Thiago,In this regard,Rush said:“Thiago is a very good player,I saw his performance in Bayern before,He won the Champions League with Bayern.”

“He has also proven his ability,If Liverpool sign Thiago,I believe he can help the team.”

“When I was still playing in Liverpool,The team signs two players every summer,Liverpool would choose to sign an experienced player and a young player.”

“I think Liverpool’s youth academy is doing very well now,The team now believes in young players,They got many opportunities.”

“The last time Liverpool had so many outstanding young players was in Gerrard’s era.At that time Liverpool had outstanding young players such as Gerrard, Michael Owen and Carragher.”

It was previously reported that Brewster may be rented out by Liverpool to other clubs.And Brewster performed very well in the previous friendly matches,In this regard,Rush said:“I think Brewster wants to get enough playing time,So he may be willing to accept being rented out by Liverpool.”

“But Brewster’s future is related to Origi’s future,If Origi stays,Brewster should leave,If Origi leaves,Brewster will stay,Then accumulate experience on the bench.”

0:30 tomorrow morning Beijing time,Liverpool will face Leeds United in the first round of the new season.In this regard,Rush said:“I admire Leeds United,I think Leeds United is a big club,But they have not participated in the Premier League for a while,The Premier League and the Premier League are completely different.They also need to prove their abilities.”