September 13th Premier League first round,Everton will play Tottenham.Before the game,Toffees new aid Hames Rodríguez was interviewed by the media,He talked about the long-term goal of the team,And topics such as the Premier League challenge he is about to face.

Challenges and goals of the Premier League

J Luo said:“There are people in the club who want to do things seriously,They want Everton to enter the Champions League,Personally think this is very important.”

“Of course it is also obvious,You have to fight hard to get a seat in the event,What the team needs to do is to maintain the stability of the game.In a Premier League season,Many times you will face the situation of two matches in three or four days.So you have to show high standards,Play high-level football,Not only these few games,But every game.”

“If the team wants to get ahead of the standings,Then we must show our highest level,And to maintain continuity.It cannot be unstable in a series of games.”

Team signings

“If the team has a good and experienced coach,That will definitely help the team.After signing three players in the transfer window,The club clearly showed their intentions.We hope that in the next few months,The team can show this optimism.Let us also hope that in the next few years,Other stars can join us.”

Do you usually follow Everton?

“Honestly,I did not pay attention to the Everton game in particular,But this does not mean that I don’t understand my teammates.”

“I knew some players before I joined,Of course.I have been watching the Premier League in recent years,So of course knowing that there is talent in the league,Capable players,And the outstanding players in our team.Hope this will be a good start,Let us achieve greater goals.”

How do you understand the Premier League?

“I talked to Modric,I also talked a lot with Mina,They told me what the Premier League is like,What is English football like?”

“High-intensity, high-tempo competition,Physical fitness is very important.In general,It is a league that focuses on speed and body.But I believe,If you know your abilities,And have strength,Then it will be easy to adapt to any football style.”

“Obviously I need a few games (adaptation),You come to a new environment,The game is always needed.Stayed here for a few weeks,Played a few games,I think this is the chance to really understand the league.It’s about how you develop,adapt.”

“in fact,There are many players from South America,There are also some fellows.Not only on the court,It becomes easy in daily life.To understand the club from the inside,Understand this city,This makes everything easier.”

“There is such a team,Let us hope that the team can advance towards the grand goal,United,Play well.”

Is about to face Tottenham, the first opponent of the new season,What is your physical condition?

J Luo said:“I feel good now.”

“I am very healthy now,I think I can play the game now.Sometimes if you can’t participate in the competition,It is also helpful to your overall health.I am here to help everyone,Hard work training,Play the game well after entering the starting lineup,This is my goal.”