September 10 News According to the „Post“, Manchester United’s rising star Greenwood, who has been hit by storms recently, once secretly held large-scale house parties during the strict control of the epidemic.But Manchester United chairman Woodward has no idea about this.

According to the „Post“ message,During the previous pandemic,Greenwood once rented a three-story house on the rental software for house parties.Neighbors complained that they played loud music every day until wee hours.

Sean McKay, who lives nearby, revealed:“The building where Greenwood rented can accommodate 13 people.They have been hosting such noisy and disturbing parties near our house for months.He invited many people to the party at the time,Noisy people are simply unbearable,I have knocked on the door several times,Ask them to turn off the music player.”

“Their music can last until four or five in the morning,This keeps us from falling asleep,Their house seems to be shaking,The people inside laughed loudly,For people like me who need to work,It was a nightmare.”

“At the time I knew he was a young man,I don’t hold too much opinion on partying,But it was a special period at that time,Most people are maintaining a reasonable social distance,But they did not,So someone needs to talk to him.”

“Some time ago I heard that two English players in England were arrested for violating social distancing rules.I know it must be him.”

“Too many young athletes today have enough time and money,But they also need to observe order.”

“Now I just want him to leave the block where I live,Stop having parties,This way we can return to a normal life.”