September 10 News The former Liverpool defender Lovren received a letter from Red Army Captain Henderson,And an engraved replica of the Premier League trophy,Lovren was grateful for this.

Lovren shared a gift from Henderson on social media,The base of the duplicate trophy is engraved with the names of all the Red Army players last season,Lovren stated:“What a beautiful gift,I cannot express it in words,team leader,thanks again.”

Henderson wrote in the letter:“De Young,We can’t imagine Liverpool without you,Honestly,We have not realized that you will not return to the team.You have always been an important player in our team,It’s also one of the biggest motivations that helped us get to this step,You are the winner,You are the champion.

“I hope you know,In the sport you are engaged in,You are one of the best players in the world.Whether it’s against us or against the Croatian national team,You have instilled a spirit of constant struggle in the locker room.Even when you are in trouble,You still support others.

“I will never forget the support you gave me,And when I was leading the team,The difference you made me.You have always been the captain,No need for the captain’s armband,We all respect you.Off the court,You are one of the greatest players I have ever seen in the locker room.”

Each player,No matter where they come from in the world,Or their environment,Can get along well with you,This is an incredible personality quality.

I already miss you,Although I have been looking forward to your return to Melwood,Joking and chatting with me.I hope you know,For everything you do for the club and the whole team,We are very grateful.”

I am very grateful to you,If you or your lovely family need anything,I am always there.Good luck in the future,But you have to know,If you need us,You still have our brothers in Liverpool.

“you’ll never Walk Alone,Henderson.”