September 13th 21:00 pm on September 13, Beijing time,The first round of the Premier League continues,West Bromwich Albion vs. Leicester City.In the first half,West Brom goalkeeper John Stone performed well,Try to secure the goal.After halftime,West Brom 0-0 Leicester City.

In the 9th minute of the opening,West Brom fought back,Threats in the restricted area. 

On the 16th minute,Justin tackled Fulong and was shown a yellow card by the referee.

At the 29th minute,Barnes left-footed volley shot from the center of the penalty area was saved by Johnstone.The teammate’s supplementary shot was also confiscated.

At the 31st minute,Justin’s left corner of the penalty area reversed the triangle,Barnes volleyed his right foot and was saved by the goalkeeper.Then his left foot shot missed.

In the 35th minute,Vardy faced the defensive player with a right foot shot and was saved by the goalkeeper.Then the linesman raised the flag to signal offside first.

42 minutes,Deangana hit the door from a small angle on the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by Schmeichel.

After halftime,West Brom 0-0 Leicester City.


West Bromwich Albion (5-4-1): 1-Johnstone, 2-Fron, 5-Bartley, 27-Dara, 3-Gibbs, 12-Mateus, 8-Livermore, 11, Deangana, 7-Robinson, 6-Ajay, 19-Sawyers

Leicester City (4-1-4-1): 1- Schmeichel, 27- Castagne, 25- Endidi, 4- Seinju, 2- Justin, 24-menDi, 17-Perez, 8-Tillermans, 26-Pratt, 15-Barnes, 9-Valdy