(CNN)Governors across the US are navigating a balancing act as they try to reopen their economies without triggering a second spike of coronavirus cases.
By now, all but two states have loosened restrictions in place to help curb the spread of the virus. Some began allowing limited gatherings, while others have allowed restaurants and some businesses to reopen their doors with caution.
And while many parts of the country have expressed hope about their number of cases seemingly slowing, other states have reported hikes. More than 1,486,700 Americans have so far tested positive for the virus and at least 89,562 have died, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In Texas, officials reported the highest single-day increase in new cases over the weekend, but the governor has

attributed it to more testing. Restaurants, movie theaters and malls have been open for a little more than two weeks, and the governor is expected to announce the next step in the state’s reopening Monday.
In Florida, health officials reported 777 new coronavirus cases, adding the state’s testing also increased in the past week, according to a statement released Sunday. On Monday, the state will enter into its first full phase of reopening, which will allow restaurants, retail stores and gyms across Florida to reopen with certain restrictions.

And in California, which is now in the second of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s four reopening phases, the governor said that while he was empathetic to residents‘ concerns, he wanted to move forward safely.
„I deeply understand the stress and anxiety that people have, that entire dreams have been torn asunder because of the shutdowns, their savings account depleted and their credit ratings destroyed,“ Newsom told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday. „The question is, how do you toggle back and make meaningful modifications to the stay-at-home order?“