News on October 7 When Liverpool midfielder Wijnaldum was interviewed by the Dutch national team,Speaking of Barcelona’s interest in him this summer.Since Barcelona coach Koeman had previously coached the Dutch national team,So there are rumors that Koeman hopes to bring in Wijnaldum.

Wijnaldum said:“I don’t think Barcelona is so interested in me.Otherwise, there will be more related reports.Or maybe this transfer will be successful,They have no substantive interest,I don’t have to think about these issues.”

“Now it looks like I will stay in the team,Of course it may change in the coming months,Everything is hard to say in the football world.”

In addition,Wijnaldum also talked about the young talent of the Dutch national team Ikhatalen,Last season, the 17-year-old Ihatalen was born on behalf of Eindhoven in the Dutch League.Is a strong contender for the Eredivisie Player of the Year.But this season he has declined,Despite being selected for the Dutch national team in October,But finally withdrew due to injury.Wijnaldum said:“of course,Everything we see is media reports,I don’t know whether the media reports are true.”

“Ikhatarun is a very good boy,I saw him for the first time in September,Of course I can give him some suggestions,Unfortunately, he is not here.”