News on October 5 In the fourth round of a Premier League game that just ended,Manchester United lost 1-6 to Tottenham,After the game, Manchester United coach Solskjaer accepted the media interview.

Solskjaer said:“This is my worst day as Manchester United coach.It was also the worst day for these Manchester United players.But this is not the worst day in the history of Manchester United.We have also achieved a rebound.”

“It is difficult to explain now,We were shot 6-1 by a strong team at home,Many of them are due to our own crash.”

“Martial’s red card had a big impact,He did not fall when he was hit by Lamela,He did a great job.Then he gently touched Lamela with two fingers,The latter is like operating on him.If he is my son,I will keep him in the building for two weeks without food,You can’t fall down like this,This is simply a joke.Martial knew he shouldn’t respond like that.But the good thing is that he did not fall,If he falls,Lamela was sent off.”

“I know these guys want to work hard,But they made a mistake.Everyone makes mistakes,But they made too many mistakes in this game today,It finally led to this result.”

“These players are stronger than the level demonstrated today,We must fight as a team.News of the transfer?It will be closed tomorrow,Then we will know.”