News on October 4 In this morning’s show,RAC1’s Barcelona and team reporter Marta Ramon mentioned the current signing of Barcelona:

“Koman’s press conference today made it clear that he hopes to sign Eric Garcia,The focus of Barcelona’s current work has been shifted to the Manchester City defender.,Barcelona’s financial situation is well known,According to the news from France,Depay will basically be sure to stay in Lyon.

“Barcelona needs to solve Todibo’s problem,Because his transfer is the key to promoting Eric to join,As long as he gets his transfer fee,Barcelona can start the introduction of Eric Garcia.”

And Romero of RAC1 said in the show:

Barcelona once again increased its offer to Eric,This time it was 15 million euros,This includes floating clauses,And these floating clauses are also very easy to implement,In short, Manchester City do not have to worry about getting 15 million euros in transfer fees.”

“But Manchester City’s asking price is still 20 million——At first they asked for 30 million euros——But what you need to know is,At this point in the transfer market,It changes every day.Barcelona and the players are optimistic,They believe that the transfer can be done in the last two days.

“Regarding the question of Todibo,Although difficult,But all parties are pushing for transfers,The difficulty now lies in Todibo himself,Because he wonders if he is leaving Barcelona,Fulham is true to him,But now Dortmund is also joining it.”

“Dortmund is undoubtedly more attractive than Fulham,And also participated in the Champions League,But Todibo just played for Schalke 04 last season.Going to Dortmund now is also a factor to consider.”