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As we grow older,The human stomach and intestines also become weak.Constipation is one of the main hidden pains that plague many middle-aged and even young people.The cause of constipation is complex,But it is mainly caused by bad living habits.The lack of dietary fiber in the diet is one of the important reasons.The dietary fiber in food absorbs the water in the intestines and fully expands,Can promote effective peristalsis of the intestinal wall,So that the contents of the intestine are quickly excreted through the intestine,Objectively play a laxative effect.Simultaneously,It can absorb, dilute and wrap various toxins in the intestine,Promote its rapid excretion from the body,So as to play the role of intestinal scavenger,Prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.Dietary fiber has a good preventive effect on several common male chronic diseases.It can be said to be the universal hand for maintaining human gastrointestinal health.3. Foot therapy for women within 3 months of pregnancy,Simply cause miscarriage,After 3 months, the edema can be relieved by foot therapy,Improve the cycle,But the method must be light.

Although the Khan Steaming Hall has a very good health care effect,But you also need to have proper sauna awareness,Can not blindly follow the trend to carry out sauna.

When the individual is sleepy, he can rub his face,Not only makes the face comfortable,And reduced the blur of the eyes,Let us immediately feel the trance.In addition, rubbing your face can stretch facial nerve endings and facial muscles.So as not to avoid difficulty in vision ejaculation and facial nerve endings,Accelerated our resistance,Prevent the probability of a bad cold.Do your best when rubbing your face,Rub every second,Rub it 3~5 times for a long time.Every time you rub your face must not be less than 5 minutes,Keep letting the face feel hot and cut off,You must not overdo it when rubbing your face with very dry skin.And effectively control the intensity,So as not to promote the formation of wrinkles.Put the other four fingers of the right hand together except the thumb,Then use the middle joint of the middle finger as a reference.The horizontal width is 3 inches.

Raise your hands to the aspect ratio of your eyes,Use the thumbs of both hands to gently press the direction between the upper end of the bridge of the nose and the lower edge of the eyebrows,The moment of continuous 5-second effect,Then slide your finger down the inner corner of your eye,Follow the eyebrows and slide down the sides from the inside,All the way to the direction of the temple.That can make the skin around the eyes firmer and firmer,Reduce the formation of eye lines.

Foot massage has many benefits,Now you can see foot massage shops everywhere in the streets.We must find a professional foot massage for foot massage,Irregular massage not only does not bring all the benefits to our body.On the contrary, it will cause some damage to the bodyHardy part number.Head and neck Chinese medicine believes that the head is the place where the three yang meridians of the hands and feet meet.Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the head is the „convergence of Yang Meridian“ of the human body.When the baby is outdoors,The temperature of the head is easily taken away by the cold wind,So he will get sick from a cold.therefore,When you go outYou should keep a little hat for your baby,To maintain the temperature of your head.

Beijing Men’s Club: Talking about health preservation,Many people have different opinions.however,Regarding how to maintain health,Do you really understand?There are some important acupuncture points on the tips of five human fingers.Often massage the fingertips,Affect these points

People’s living standards have accelerated in recent years,Many people value the quality of life,Many people fall in love with massage spas,The massage spa is definitely not unique to women.Many boys have started doing massage spas,In short, how many do men know about boy massage spas?Ling Tian recommended a boy massage spa to the man,What are the things to pay attention to for boys massage spa and what are the functions of boys massage spa?

Core tip: Sleep is an indispensable part of health.Good sleep makes people look better,And wrong sleep habits can hurt your body and heart.A few wrong sleeping habits,Such as drinking tea before going to bed, using inappropriate pillows, falling asleep in a bad mood, eating too much before going to bed, exercising too much before going to bed,It will only make you grow old quickly.