Suggestion: This kind of people drink more Baizhu yam porridge to invigorate the spleen and kidney.Atractylodes macrocephala nourishes the spleen,Warm the stomach,Digestion,Yam can regulate the human immune system,Wolfberry has the function of nourishing liver and kidney,Combine these three ingredients to make porridge,It can strengthen the spleen and kidney,The role of strong muscles.

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: „Yang Yang in spring and summer,Nourish yin in autumn and winter,Yin and Yang reconciliation,Healthy body and mind for a lifetime“ In summer, everyone spends a long time in a house with central air-conditioning.For example, bedrooms, cars, large shopping malls, financial institutions, corporate offices, etc.For a long time,It must destroy the balance of the five internal organs of the human body.Sauna can effectively balance the five internal organs of the human body.Core tip: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are 361 acupoints on the meridians of the human body.If you add acupuncture points outside the meridian,There will be thousands of acupuncture points.For ordinary people,It is not easy to master these common sense in detail.Although these acupuncture points are not obvious,But a few more rubs can play a special role in strengthening the body, eliminating diseases and caring for life.Follow the picture as soon as possible,Master special photography skills.

The foot is at the end of the cervical spine,Harmful substances such as high crystals of uric acid in body fluids accumulate on the feet.affect health.Through foot massage,It can also analyze harmful substances accumulated on the feet,And produce in vitro through saliva and urination,It has an effect on the body.

The natural balance of one’s body can easily be threatened by the stress of external work.In recent years, many people have had physical difficulties,The stress at work is heavy and can harm your health!and so,Oneself can know the pressure of easy work.During my own use of the spa,The individual will be in an immediate and relaxed state for a long time,Will feel happy.and so,Being in a spa all the time can also ease the stress of my work.Foot massage is a way of massage and health care,Very helpful to human health,Because many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet are closely related to human organs,So what kind of symptoms does foot massage adapt to?Next,The editor of the health care hall will show you the acupoint map for foot massage.

Regarding the sauna time,In fact, a large number of people are suitable for selection,Thirty minutes is generally considered more appropriate. After the sauna,It is thought that sweating should be carried out at room temperature.Xinghan will come,Please stop taking a bath within 4 hours; that is,Want to take a bath,It will be carried out at least four hours later.

When „six or eight“ was 48 years old,Male aging is more obvious,His face is bleak,Insufficient kidney qi,Prone to emotional irritability,Need to pay attention to adjustment.At the age of 56 years old, Qiba began to experience weakening of liver qi and insufficient kidney essence.When „Eight Eight“ was 64 years old,Male reproductive ability is gradually lost,So focus on nourishing the kidneys,Usually eat more black food,Such as black rice, black beans, black sesame, black fungus, etc.In addition,Practice breathing and breathing every day,It can enhance kidney function, nourish kidney essence, and delay aging.Rub your face when you are tired,Otherwise, the skin is comfortable,And the vision is bright,Feel refreshed.The other reason for the benefits of rubbing your face is that it refreshes the facial nerve endings and facial muscles.More importantly, it can reduce facial nerve ending inflammation, decreased eyesight and prevent colds.

When a gentle massage therapist performs a stimulating massage on the reflex area of the foot,Promote part of the circulatory system and blood flow smoothly,The basic principles of blocking the reflective surface of the original pathological information content are also unified and fully utilized,Therefore, massage on the soles of the feet will display information that has a very shocking health care effect.And this is the real reason why men love foot massage!

There is a folk proverb that says,Steel should be used on the blade.therefore,A smart woman must know how to express your deep love to a man at the right time in her life,And it must be expressed and released enthusiastically at the right time.

After the concept of Qiankun was reborn,The sun shines on your face,Seeing the dim sunlight falling from the sparse branches,Suddenly realized,The moss on the stairs next to him and the rushing water are also beautiful.The world is getting happier because of you,Remember that song about us?I just want to sing to you,You fill in the lyrics and music,Reminiscing the sky is not as good as the passing years.