8. Speed up the body’s blood circulation system and open skin pores,Connect the body’s extracellular fluid,Human waste is completely discharged.

3.Comb: before going to bed every morning and night,Gently comb your hair with a wide-tooth wooden comb or angle comb,Don’t hurt your scalp.Comb your hair for more than three minutes at a time,From front to back,From left to right,Overhead,On both sides,And all around.So far, there will be more and more high-end people with physique-enhancing functions, SPAs are particularly concerned.Especially for kidney maintenance,Such as the kidney-protecting massage at a foot massage club in Nanmen,Use pure green plant geranium essential oil to push the method,The auxiliary hot stone directly fits our skin to promote us,Make the Gallbladder Channel lively,Promote the excretion of male hormones,Promote the lower cerebral cortex,It also promotes the discharge and recovery of male male hormones.

If you happen to not brush your teeth before drinking water,The bacteria in the O cavity will enter the digestive tract,Perhaps it is a threat to health.()

Eighth floor,Lust Hotel Nightclub.Admire the scenery of the Bund in Shanghai and the rich and colorful European style menus that combine high-end European elements.Everyone invites you to appreciate that every delicacy is the ultimate meal with the best partner wine.In the room,Elegant decoration design; balcony,Na Jin Mo shoulders shoulder to shoulder with the bustling modern city and the long time of the North Bund;When no longer young,Not so mighty,But a man’s vanity makes a man not afraid of fear,Just like a little boy, after all, it is not easy to show a common loss in front of a favorite beauty.

We all know that summer is the saddest season of the year.Many babies become significantly thinner in summer,There are even symptoms of malaise and decreased resistance.How to strengthen the baby’s resistance,Keep the virus away from the baby Below is a brief introduction to foods that can strengthen the baby’s resistance.

Yanglingquan is on the calf,Sit still when looking for it,Touch the leg with your hand,There is a protrusion on the outer and lower knee joint,Called the fibular head,The depression in front of the fibular head is the location of Yanglingquan.Usually press Yangling Spring,Cooperating activities again,Can relieve the pain around the arms.In addition,Yanglingquan also suffered from breast swelling and pain, and swelling and pain on both ribs.Intercostal neuralgia has a relief effect.Salt and hot water can also help us get rid of dark circles,We should prepare a small cup of warm water first,Then pour an appropriate amount of salt in warm water,Mix together into brine.After that, the cotton pad can be removed,Apply it to your eyelids while it is warm,This can promote blood circulation in the eyes,Quickly eliminate eye puffiness,Improve the phenomenon of dark circles.

2.Spread the quilt.Most elderly people fold their quilts neatly when they get up.In fact,This is not a good thing.In one night’s sleep,Human skin emits a lot of water vapor,This will make the quilt wet to varying degrees.If it is not allowed to be discharged,It breeds a lot of mites and bacteria,This will easily make the quilt a source of pollution and harmful to health.therefore,a,You should turn the quilt over,Open doors and windows to let it pass,Then fold or smooth it.

The booming economy,The fast advance of the day,Various pressures in people’s lives also followed one after another,To decompress well,Maintain your body well

The quality of male hormones in the body interferes with male sexual function,When male hormones slow down, they slow down the liver and kidneys,Will cause problems in men’s sexual function.Boys over 30 years old should correctly understand the problem of male male sexual function,Another know the related TCM health care skills.