1.4. Speed up the blood circulation system of the body,Open skin pores,Connect the body’s extracellular fluid,Completely clean up human waste.

Modern people have a very bad mode of operation,That is, sitting in the workroom is one morning or one afternoon,Sitting for a long time will cause the body’s qi and blood meridians to be blocked and the secretion of metabolites slow.Simple symptoms such as backache, back pain, and limb paralysis.Overall approach: When dry rubbing, hold the front of the left eye with your left hand,Rub your right hand up and down along the palm of your foot several times,So that the sole of the foot becomes hot; change the left hand and rub the sole of the right foot.The intensity of rubbing is appropriate for your own comfort.Press your feet in the warm water basin when rubbing wet,Soak until the feet get hot,Rub according to the dry rub.

Many people are accustomed to proper physical exercise after getting up in the morning.As long as they pay attention,This is really good for their health.however,Exercise must rest for a while after getting up in the morning,It can only be done after the balance of qi and blood, yin and yang.

①Put the left or right hand, food and ring fingers together,Look for tender points in the painful part of the neck (mostly in the sternocleidomastoid muscle, trapezius muscle, etc.),Press and knead from light to heavy for about 5 minutes,Can be replaced with left and right handsTake a rest after practice for 1-2 hours or longer.It’s best after a warm bath,Performed in a warm, noisy interior.The little friend lay comfortably on the bed,Expose the area being massaged,According to the order of chest, abdomen, upper limbs, and lower limbs.Massage in the direction of blood and lymphatic drainage.

, Hearing: Use the majestic and clear movements of nature to resonate with the physiological rhythm of the cervical spine,Helping friends are relieved,It has many unspeakable effects such as relaxing the mood, eliminating fatigue, slowing down the fast pace, helping to sleep, activating our skin, and cultivating vitality.

It is very important to master the word „degree“ in sleep.It is generally recommended that young people should fall asleep before 10:30 in the evening.m.,Middle-aged before 10 o’clock.m.,And the old man before nine o’clock in the evening.m.,This is a more scientific bed time.of course,Sometimes a delay of an hour and a half,Break it,It’s not a big problem,But the most important thing is to develop good sleeping habits,Able to sleep on time every day,Control the biological clock,This is conducive to a good night’s sleep.Generally speaking,When used as fragrance,Single essential oil of choice,It is best to have high, medium and low volatilization rate.It seems that we always hear eau de toilette divided into first, middle and aftertaste.In fact, the aroma composition is also formulated by inheriting this volatilization rate convexity,If you want to think about what taste is expected first,Can apply higher volatilization rate,Next is the medium level of volatilization rate,Then the volatilization rate is relatively slow to maintain its shallow reverie.

Even if you buy a foot bath that suits you,That also needs to be replaced regularly,Don’t use it together if there is athlete’s foot or foot inflammation among family members.This will be healthier and improve your health regimen.

They are too scared,I’m too afraid that the ladies will say they are „not working“,I’m afraid that my wife will say that their skills in bed are no longer good.I’m afraid that the person in charge will say that they can’t go to work.

however,Eating animal whip as a food supplement also needs to be treated differently.Currently,Donkey whip and bullwhip are the most common dietary supplements in restaurants.In contrast,The donkey penis has a gentler effect,Bullwhip has a stronger effect,This requires special attention when eating.