Peach blossom is sweet and spicy,Sex lukewarm,Can dredge the meridians and improve blood circulation,Promote skin nutrient supply,Moisturize skin,It can be described as „beauty tea“.Peach blossoms are brewed with 3 grams of boiling water,After the water is slightly cooler, add honey to properly substitute for tea.

When doing SPA,Put away evil thoughts,Quiet heart.In many SPA locations,All set up a thought room,Convenient for women to relax their hearts.White-collar workers do not move much because they sit for a long time.The waist is very sore,Lumbar muscle strain will develop overnight.Older people begin to degenerate bones as they age,The waist is also simply sore and tired.Both types of people should massage their waist more.

Can’t sleep,Red tongue,Swelling of the head,Dry mouth,Put out the anger quickly.If you have these three symptoms at the same time,Liver fire is the main reason that affects your sleep.“People with a burning liver are easily upset and angry.So it is more difficult to fall asleep.Shi Mingming said,These people urgently need to clear away the heat.They must drink plenty of water at ordinary times.This is the simplest and most direct method.They can also drink some flower tea,Such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, jasmine, etc.Eat more leafy vegetables and fruits.When cooking porridge,You might as well add some lilies and white fungus.The effect of „fire fighting“ is also very good.

Those online celebrity shops that were once all the rage,A few years later, how many can be remembered by consumers?therefore,The footbath and health industry must establish a stronger relationship with customers-let customers become members.In addition to being able to immediately drop a small amount of skin care oil in the palm of the hand and apply it to the face,You have to be able to just wash your face on your face,Applied in slightly humid conditions,The actual effect is stronger!Or it can be applied when spraying with water spray,Improve elasticity, moisturizing and hydrating power,Make the actual effect of maintenance afterwards stronger.

Cover the top of the head with your left hand,Pinch the top of the ear with your thumb and index finger,Knead here first.Then lift it up,Until congestion and fever,15-20 times each time.same,Rub the upper part of your ear with your right hand around the top of your head, thumb and index finger,Knead here first.Then lift it up,Until congestion and fever,15-20 times each time.The acupoints here are Shenmen, pelvis, internal and external genitalia, feet, ankles, knees, hip joints, liver yang, and Fengxi.

Due to work conditions,Men will often communicate and procrastinate,Often a series of sufferings often appear on the shoulders,And this SPA can smooth the gall bladder meridian, smooth repetition,Treat the uncomfortable symptoms of shoulders, neck and face from the pathogen.It can improve vertigo, migraine, insomnia, poor sleep quality, control of soreness caused by shoulder and neck pain, tingling of arms, weakness of feet and legs,Others regulate our facial skin dullness, acne, slow metabolism, dry eyesight, soreness and other symptoms.Don’t postpone the consumption of energy at will,Otherwise it often affects gastrointestinal contraction,Flatulence, severe hypoglycemia, sore limbs and shaking, dizziness,More fainting, respiratory failure.Often hungry without eating,Easily affect ulcer disease, cholecystitis, uncomfortable absorption and other diseases.

Core tip: As the weather gets colder,More and more people have trouble getting up.When they wake up,They often find dizziness, chest tightness, backache, backache and neck stiffness.In fact,This is related to our wrong sleeping posture.1.Sleep with your head covered: Hypoxia and head covering will put your nose and mouth in an airtight environment.There is very little oxygen and oxygen

If you consider the best moment of a day’s sauna in detail,It’s best to go to the sauna before nine o’clock in the day or night.Especially in the evening, the effect is best,Taking sauna beyond nine o’clock will seriously harm the quality of falling asleep.The detailed reasons are mainly as follows:

Speaking of sentiment,Many Shanghainese should immediately think of Shanghai’s card-Huaihai Road.Huasheng Wedding Hall, located at 688 Huaihai Middle Road, is another high-end venue for wedding banquets.The clubhouse is not only good enough for an explosion,In addition, the interior decoration, restaurants, and work are all very high-end.The only thing that China and the United States lack is due to regional restrictions.It is difficult to park in the clubhouse,The overall parking plan must be allocated in advance.Today the club has three private dining rooms,The business scale that can hold wedding banquets varies from 20 tables to 45 tables.The price on New Year’s Eve is about 8000-13000 yuan per table.