News on August 28 Through my Instagram,James‘ best friend Jorge Pineda Published an open letter,Which seems to imply that Hames is about to make a transfer decision. “It’s about respect for a person,He represents a lot in my life,I want to tell a story between us here: from our acquaintance to today,Since… Continue Reading Friends suspected of confirming Hames transfer: I hope you are happy no matter what decision you make_

News on August 27 After confirmation by many media such as „Marca“, „Aspen“ and Brazil Global Sports,Atletico Madrid is close to reaching an agreement with the French Ligue 1 club Monaco,Sold Brazilian teenager Caio Enrique for 8 million euros with a floating clause of 2 million euros.Currently,The Brazilian U23 international is… Continue Reading Monaco is close to signing Atletico Madrid left-back Caio,Manu Sanchez will stay with the team_

News on August 1 recently,Valencia player Ferran Torres, who is closely linked to Manchester City, accepted an interview with the BBC.The BBC believes that Ferran Torres joining Manchester City will soon be officially announced.Although this young Spanish player has been favored by many European giants before. When asked if you are… Continue Reading Ferran Torres: Looking forward to seeking new challenges,Ronaldo is my role model inside and outside the field_

News on August 8 Early this Sunday morning, Beijing time,Barcelona will face Naples on the main scene.Before the game,Former Barcelona player Edelmison was also interviewed. For this campaign,He said:“This game was played after a long time,Both teams have a chance,And no fans,I believe Naples can go and break their wrists with… Continue Reading Edmilson: Messi is carrying Barcelona forward alone,Naples has a chance_

News on August 5 Roma striker and former Barcelona player Carles Perez recently received an interview,Responded to the fact that he was sold by Barcelona,He said he left Barcelona is not the result he should get. Carles Perez said:“For me,I was surprised that Barcelona decided to give up me,Because I think… Continue Reading Carles Perez: Surprised to be abandoned by Barcelona,I shouldn’t get these_

News on August 9 Barcelona striker Suarez was interviewed by Movistar+ after the match against Naples. Now Barcelona is in the quarter-finals,Going to Portugal: Yes,This is our goal,Our goal after the league ended two weeks ago is this game,Because we know that facing opponents like Naples,They created huge difficulties for us… Continue Reading Suarez: A single game of victory,Barcelona and Bayern have a 50% chance_

News on August 11 Former Real Madrid coach Rusenberg, who just led Palmeiras to defeat Corinthians on a penalty kick in the S?o Paulo League final,In response to Figo’s previous criticism of him,Said that he would not have resentment towards the Portuguese,He also emphasized that he did not force Figo to… Continue Reading Figo satirizes Luxemberg,Luxenberg responded: Your leaving Real Madrid has nothing to do with me_

News on August 13 In an interview with „National Daily“,Barcelona star and Alsad coach Harvey said:“I don’t think it’s time to return to Barcelona,There is outside noise now,There are issues outside of competition.I hope to build a team with people I trust and have connections with.” Is it still not the… Continue Reading Harvey: Now is not the time to return to Barcelona,I hope to build a team with trusted people